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VIC Motorcycling in the public eye

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by FALCON-LORD, Jul 12, 2010.

  1. On Wednesday June 23rd Assistance Commissioner Ken Lay went on Neil Mitchells talkback and attacked Motorcyclists as being over represented in the road toll, and that “Hooning” was responsible for this.
    The following thread resulted: https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=113398

    This outburst coincided with the Launch of the Vicride Program. A World first study into the value of increased training for rider safety, and as such undermined the launch. A Campaign was decided on by MRA (Vic) starting with an awareness ride as outlined in this thread: https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=113530

    Many things were learnt from this activity, and dependent on the response from the Assistant commissioner, further auctioned will be planned. It has been stated in the preceding thread that it is time for that thread to die and be replaced. So this is the current discussion thread until further action is decided on.

    Please read through those threads for context before heading in here boots and all, because most details have been thoroughly covered.

    We are currently waiting on report back from the MRA who have since the ride had a meeting with Ken Lay, and we are eagerly waiting to hear what he had to say for himself on the subject of his vilification of riders and his misrepresentation, and dishonest conduct in regards to the statistics involved with his tirade.
  2. I was part of this campaign last week and during the exercise, It was very alarming to see how many cars cut us off, hit horns and tried to force bikes into precarious positions because we were being cars. This had an impact and I’ve had feedback from many colleagues about the protest and the visibility that we had during the late afternoon ride to Parliament House.

    The unfortunate thing though is that I feel that the aftermath of this has made the exercise almost Null & Void given the deep fried dim sim treatment that we copped after the 3AW and television interviews about being 'hoons'.


    I feel that a much better choice of words could have been used at the send off on North Wharf; other than "'basically at 5pm that's when you can start going back to your normal habits, which you're not going to perform today'.

    Although not intentional, I can see where the public are coming from.

    I'm not a hoon and I have seen many that are. The review of our protest was buried along with any hope of Ken "I can speed in my car too" Lay of approving Legal Filtering.

    Anyhow, Not sure if I'll make the next protest as it seems that this ship has unfortunately made such an impression of the great Titanic.

    We’ll see.
  3. Just to clarify, the purpose of this thread is?
    I'm assuming collect ideas and organise ongoing response?

    FWIW, start with identifying (exactly) the problem and deciding what outcome you want.
  4. The guys are meeting with Ken Lay at 4pm today. I'm sure Grant will post a full report when he can.
  5. I would be wary of tying legalised filtering directly to the response to Ken Lay. I know that he is implying that it is a hoon act, but at present that is only implied, not expressed. If he goes as far as expressing it, he will have dug a trench that we will have problems getting VP to relinquish.

    I suggest leaving that issue for discussion with more even-handed officials who don't stand to lose face by backing down. Get it through elsewhere and we will cut the legs out from under Lay.
  6. The road space usage study called for in the Safety and Transport Strategic Action Plan is already happening - it's being carried out by a group of engineering consultants (Sinclair Knight Merz - SKM). **

    Current status is:
    Project currently underway considering the road safety and traffic operational impacts of potential road space management opportunities for motorcyclists. A broad range of road infrastructure initiatives are being considered. The study will consider road safety, traffic operational issues, enforcement, and the impact on other road users and traffic flow. Consultation with key stakeholders is underway.

    Final report is due at the end of 2011.

    SKM are also carrying out a separate study of bus lane use for VicRoads (the effects of all vehicles using bus lanes - not just motorcycles).

    As I've said elsewhere, both are looking reasonably positive.

    ** The good thing about this is that while safety is a consideration, it's consulting engineers not road safety academics who are doing the study. They are also using Prof Marcus Wigan as a consultant.
  7. 4pm today? Fingers crossed...
  8. Smart thinking.
  9. Yep I reckon Lay has become too controversial and is no longer the right person to sell their messages.
  10. Soooooo....... Any outcome with the LAY meeting?
  11. yeah been waiting on that myself.

    Which, more to the point, is just another example of how little thought went into the rider briefings. If people are going to do things, it pays to make sure your not going to have egg on your face afterwards. It was a given that someone from the media was going to be there at some point.

    Any way waiting on the meeting results, or maybe they are jelly wrestling still.
  12. :busting: any word yet?
  13. The difference is that if you weren't at the front of the group @ Parliament, you couldn't hear what was being said. I was standing next to Pope and we spent a lot of time going "What'd he say?"
  14. Report coming guys, it turned into a couple of hours of discussion and there's a heap of transcript and research I have to do first. Please stand by.
  15. :dance:
  16. any chance of the raw audio tape being put up?
  17. At a high level.
    Did he accept that his Statistics were in error.
    Did he apologies for scuttling the Vicride Launch
    Did he commit to no further Vilification of the type he engaged in?
  18. Can I ask who initiated this meeting?
    If it came from VP then that's good, but I'm not sure what we could expect from it, to be honest. He's shown that he is only interested in advancing his own position.
  19. What was said at the beginning of the ride and by whom? Are you saying that the comment of "after five go back to riding the way blah blah" was said more than once?
  20. That was said at the start, At the end we were told not to hoon on the way home or words to that effect.