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International Motorcycling in France? Holiday / Rental

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by VladTepes, Aug 23, 2013.

  1. The minister for war and finance and I are planning a trip to France in the next year or so (we hope).

    Will be "doing" Paris and hopefully the chateau of the Loire Valley. Plan was to rent a car for the Loire portion of the trip.

    I am curious though as to what opportunities may exist to rent a bike for a few days of rural touring somewhere. As we'd have too much luggage for the bike, it would have to be a short 'round trip' of a couple of days. (i.e. returning back where we started). Bike would obviously have to be pillion-suitable.

    Has anyone been there / done that and can offer any tips or advice? Suggestions as to where would be a nice place to do this, taking our other destinations into account?

    P.S. Hell no, I won't be motorcycling in Paris crsh. happy0007.
  2. Belongs in the Touring section, matey. I'm sure you'll get answers here where it should be.
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  3. Thanks, I wasn't sure whether it belonged here or where it was. :)
  4. @stu_h Did a French trip last year I believe. He may pop up and give you some pointers. I believe he said if you want to rent anything other than a Harley you need to go down to the coastal tourist areas.

    There is a post of his showing the run on Des Grande Alpes rd
  5. You rang ?


    Yeah I did the exact same thing in 2012, i said , yes I'll come to france IF I can have a few days OFF .

    So, I rented the only bike i could in paris (a harley) and headed for the hills, if you're further south you can hire sportsbikes and the like, but at the time i took what i could get .

    Route des grande alps is their "great alpine road" and its awesome ! unlike our version in VIC this road takes a few days to do, Since we were in PAris, I picked up the bike and hit the motorway for the afternoon to get myself to the switz/ border and ready for the first day, in thonon les bains, on lake geneva.

    From there I hit the great alpine road and spent 4 days riding it , it was beautiful,

    if you have questions let me know,
    you can see the blog of my trip here:


    main tips:
    pre arrange sim cards if you dont speak french its REALLY hard.
    pre arrange bike (take back pack or kriega luggage if you need it )
    Take your helmet !!! dont trust theirs
    touring is easy and people are friendly.
    Take or hire a GPS, mainly for in and out of towns and paris.

    GO FOR IT !
  6. And whats the best way to take 2 helmets? Quite bulky. Then theres the question of approriate motorcycle protective gear....

  7. I went in september, and took a dri rider type jacket, thermals winter and summer gloves, boots, and kevlar jeans rather than my leathers.

    I only took one helmet, but packet it into a single suitcase along with all my gear cushioning it.
    all other trip stuff was in other suitcases.

    I was planning on using their helmet originally, until i started to check on sizes and open/full face etc .. and it all became too wishy washy, may not have my size, may not have full face etc ... so it was just easier to take my own.
  8. Make sure your helmet will be legal where you will be riding.
  9. Yeah I thought about that , but in the end disregarded it, as my helmet which fits properly and i KNOW the history of, I felt would be much safer, legality be damned.
  10. IIRC correctly (although this MAY have changed), you are required to carry a portable device at all times for breath-testing alcohol levels while in France. Apparently the Gendarmes love catching tourists out on that one.
  11. You could consider asking the question on ADVrider in the Europe forum

    This thread is about helmets in France >>> http://advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=904443