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Motorcycling in Australia

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by boldtrn, Oct 20, 2015.

  1. Hey Guys,

    I am currently wondering how is riding the motorcycle in Australia compared to Europe, especially compared to the Alps (if any of you have been there?).

    When searching the Internet for trips or stories I only find information about the outback and people who drove through the outback.

    Is there a reasonable number of curvy roads that one would want to ride?

    I have been in Australia once with a car. I haven't found that much great roads, but haven't searched them. I have seen some nice roads south of Sydney (I think it's called Cayema?).

    What do you think? What is riding the motorcycle in Australia like?

  2. It's all here, alpine roads, desert tracks, rainforests, we've got the lot. Australia is so big that it's all spread out a bit that's the only difference, most of Europe would fit into Australia with room to spare. Germany would only take up a small corner.
    Come on down and see for yourself.
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  3. We don't have anything that looks like the Alps. But if you go to the right places you can find lots of curvy roads. The island of Tasmania (where I live) is a good place to start for that.
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  4. We can show you many good riding roads. The biggest difference to Europe is the speed limits and the way they are enforced.
    But there is less traffic outside the cities, and distances are greater.
  5. Also, our roads are generally rougher than the alps with lots of lumps and bumps.
  6. We are full of twisty roads. Our Alpine roads are fantastic and generally very well maintained. Like Titus said, the biggest difference here are distances. Also compared to Europe our roads are a lot less congested.
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  7. wrong, maybe not as high, but venture south to the Australian Alps and there are plenty of great roads to ride. I have ridden through both, the Austrian and Italian Alps and even been through Germany a few times, But if you want to venture into the mountains in Australia I strongly suggest a dual sport bike, there are mountain roads that are not paved.

    And the whole coastline is beautiful. If you want to ride picturesque roads, ride the coastal roads There is plenty to see. I even find beauty in the outback. And you will find the most beautiful coastline in Australia hands down so I do not know where were you looking before....
  8. less congested maybe but the roos are really stupid and probably the most danger is wildlife in remote areas (and farmers in their Land cruisers) :)
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  9. Aye, there are plenty really nice riding roads here in Oz.

    Couple of things to watch out for....... our drivers aren't as "orderly" on freeways as those in Europe.....
    as StillSpeedy said, the wildlife can be a bit ...er...challenging,
    and, you really have to get your head around the distances.... it's too easy to look at a map of Oz and forget it is bigger than all of Europe.

    As for asking "what is it like riding motorbikes", I think we here are all prejudiced, but, as far as I am concerned, it's heaven on a stick.
  10. I repeat, we do not have anything in Australia that looks like the European Alps. You must have travelled through the Austrian and Italian Alps in very poor visibility if you failed to notice the difference between them and what we have here.
  11. LOL - had a good time for sure! And indeed it was foggy on the Italian side going toward Venice. Brr, those single lane crumbling serpentine roads!
  12. freedom! like riding a bicycle just faster (is it just me or were we all crazy at some point going downhill on pushbikes doing well over 80kph? - well, that sort of a feeling!)
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  13. We would if we had some decent snow falls like they do in EU :) I have spent my early part of my life in Europe and yes, our Alps or the lack of them do not look nothing like the Alps in Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France.... but the alpine roads here are just as good and just as many. Ill be spending five days next long weekend riding through Victorian and NSW alps. So bloody stocked. I have done it a couple times before and it was an amazing trip.
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  14. I wouldn't come here expecting it to be anything like Europe. There are tiny pockets in out Alpine areas, but you should come here with an open mind. I'd suggest take some coastal roads, but to be honest, it's mainly built up, so you'll be rolling along at 50-60km/k and putting up with traffic lights and pedestrians!

    Not sure if it's better or worse than Europe....completely different!
  15. Thanks for the Feedback. It's really a relief for me that I can enjoy riding in Australia.

    Have been there once. But only in a shitty car and was annoyed by the crazy speed limits (I just heard that the yellow speed signs before a curve are actually only a recommendation :/ - went crazy on these signs). I have been mostly on touristic roads, so probably I hit the wrong roads.

    Thanks for the recommendation. Will probably get that one, when the time comes.

    What is different when considering the speed limits in your opinion? I'd love to be shown some nice roads :). Me and my girlfriend are thinking about moving to Australia (at least for some years). And I had to make sure that I am still able to perform my favorite hobby.

    What's the issues with your drivers? Are there any examples?

    Yeah, I was hoping to find great roads in Australia. I wanted to hear some feedback from actual motorcyclist if they enjoy riding in Australia, especially compared to Europe. As I said I haven't seen that much motorcycle roads when I was in Australia the last time. But I was on touristic roads. Touristic roads in Germany are not very nice most of the time as well.

  16. Some great roads around Cayema, my favourite day trips. Nothing anything like the alps though.
  17. also Tasmania could be an option for you if you want to see more hills/mountains. And you could ride the Great Ocean Road on this side which is also picturesque. And you gotta do the Blue Mountains if you can..so yeah, there is plenty to see! Just get a holiday and spend 3 months traveling - that may be just about enough to see majority of the beauties!

    and roads outside major metropolitan areas are nowhere near as busy as in Europe. In fact many times you feel you own the road. Stay off the highways and you'll see great things. But you must plan your trip because servos (gas/petrol stations) are not as common either in the rural areas.

    But if you are really keen and want to see mountains like the Alps, you need to go to New Zealand -LOTR was filmed there, so you know you will get similar beauty....
  18. That would really have driven you crazy! Yes, the yellow signs are not the legal limit. Legal speed limit signs are white with a red circle around the number.

    The legal speed limits are mostly lower than in Europe. Highway speed limits are mostly 100-110km/h, urban speed limit is usually 40-50km/h. Some good roads are limited to 80km/h. But you can definitely still enjoy riding here if you are smart about it.

    Our drivers are not trained very well, and don't concentrate on driving. They sometimes drift across lanes without looking.

    Tell us what region you would like to live in and we can give you more information. Some tourist roads such as the Great Ocean Road are full of traffic but there are many others that are almost free of cars.
  19. Thanks for all the good advice. Most probably we will either move to Sydney or Melbourne. We actually prefer Sydney, but it seems that there are better job opportunities for me in Melbourne.