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Motorcycling & Erectile Dysfunction

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by nicholas, Sep 18, 2007.

  1. Is anyone aware that motorcycling has the ability to give you erectile dysfunction?

    In medical terms when we sit on a motorcycle the seat applies pressure to the perineal area also known as perineal compression. Men that ride motorcycles are much more susceptible to getting ED as compared to those that don't.

  2. hasn't effected me

    {well, SOMEONE had to say it :LOL:.}
  3. Baha *points and laughs at sportsbike riders*
  4. Better to be a boring git who's too afraid to ride a bike because their dick might go limp. You'll have a raging boner, but no woman who can put up with your pathetic self.

    Lose lose situation as far as I can tell. Might as well ride.
  5. Only if you ride like a soft c#ck! :LOL:
  6. My butt is rarely on the seat, and I have two kids, so no.
  7. E. D.

    My wife and I went for a stoke today.I had my nuts squished on my R1 tank cos I didn't see a bump in the road.A bit of a rub and they were fine. Come to think of it ,I was thinkin of the impending post ride ride. So thus, your therum seems inaccurate. Keep the cogs turning though!
  8. my biggest problem is stoping it getting caught in the chain :LOL:
  9. How long have you been a soft kok for? & can you please advise us what
    symptoms you experienced before the condition was diagnosed?
  10. Incorrect.

    You can suffer erectile dysfunction when you are riding a push bike.
    Those saddles can effect your pecker, motorcycle seats don't put that much pressure on the spot that can cause you trouble.
  11. Evidently not, particularly when used correctly (erectly?):
  12. yes, im with you MG :-k
    first he has this thread....
    and now this cracker of a thread.

    :-k :-k :-k

    nicholas, who is the lucky guy?
  13. Now why doesn't THAT surprise me??? :LOL:
  14. what about cowboys and their saddles.....hmm?.....they still breed apparently.... this gobbledeygook mustve been thought up by an anti-motorcylce lobbyist trying to deter men from taking up motorcycling.
  15. Well lucky for you Nick, you wont have to worry :LOL:
  16. Dunno where you read that nicolas but I get a fat everytime i look at my bike. Wont tell you what happens when i ride it.......
  17. im pretty sure its peddel bikes that do it. i saw a thing where a rider had is sperm frozen because of the posibility in the future.

    i didnt realize the problem would be ED, i thought it was low sperm count.
  18. Bicycles will definitely do ya... although many of them now have seats with a 'channel' down the middle to take pressure off the 'perineal' (correct spelling) area. On motorbikes I guess it'd be possible if you were in certain positions on certain seats and never moved, but... probably unlikely. One more excuse to get those arses off seats and knees down, I guess.

    (Found this list of slang synonyms when checking the spelling and thought it was funny: "In human anatomy, the perineum also known in slang as taint, grundle, chode, or gooch is generally defined as the surface region in both males and females between the pubic symphysis and the coccyx." (Wikipedia))
  19. Maybe it was written by the people who did the RTA hooning = small dick campaign? :LOL:

  20. I've been riding a pushy pretty seriously for about 15yrs and I got no problems.