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Motorcycling dragged into disrepute

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by TonyE, Dec 14, 2010.

  1. As if motorcyclists didn't have a bad enough image already...

    Now we have these w*nkers getting into the act

  2. Wasn't there something about hollywood stars not being able to ride when they are working because they can't get insurance. Wouldn't that affect becks all season?
  3. vomit.... serious tossers
  4. meh, cruise has been riding for years. good on him for getting more people into it. Some hollywood stars riding could actually be beneficial.
  5. Even with a seat height of 711mm, I'd imagine that Tom would have to get his Hellcat lowered :D
  6. Old, old news. Ancient old farts such as myself (and surely Tony too) can remember acres of bike magazine pages devoted to railing against the adoption of the then newish Evo Harleys by the celebrity set.

    I suspect that there were once those who decried James Dean as not a real biker too, more than half a century ago.

    And I daresay a few folk were put out by George Formby's fondness for Norton Internationals in the 30s.

    And now, here we go again :LOL:.
  7. [​IMG]
    Bike does nothing for me.
  8. He might be a loon, but Tom Cruise is cool enough in my book. Also a licensed skydiver.
  9. In that pic Rob, the rider looks like he's sitting on...erm.. never mind !
    Not my cuppa tea, by a long shot !

    TonyE, interesting article indeed. What amazes me about 'Hollywood' is on one hand they try and 'avoid' the paparazzi etc..on the other, they make themselves available for commenting (for this article etc) - How long before not ONLY the paparazzi but MANY others (fans, criminals etc) find out about their nightly riding adventures and start tracking them down ?

    Tom Cruise teaching Beckham how to ride ? Bumchums !
  10. Needs rearsets. As it is, that riding position is a bit strange.
  11. I thought he was a Ducati man ?
    Even if I had 100 Grand, one of these Hellcats is the last thing I would get.
    I guess it is all about exclusivity.

    Attached Files:

  12. That thing must be f*cking tiny! :rofl:

    I doubt anybody will care really.
  13. Cruise, you absolute wingnut riding around on what you think is an exclusive piece of sh*t bike - no helmet.
    Fist time he stacks it he'll go running back the church of scienwankery, for advice from the grand pubah!!, asking how come I crashed?!!...I'm Tom Cruise!! Ffs! Not supposed to happen, Dad!

    Fecking TWAT!
  14. I dunno, mate... Reckon it'd make a perfect mobile porta-potty, going by the seating position. He IS taking a crap isn't he?
  15. Lovely neckerchief, I wonder where he got that from... :-k

    Yeah, not for long:


    How many Hellcats are floating around LA?
  16. I dont see rego or licence plates on it, or tail and stop lights, are these registerable,
  17. Who would make up the Melbourne chapter? Does Rove ride?
  18. It's got sore back written all over it ..but these dicks will only ride for 1 hour and stop for Coffee.
  19. "midnight boys bike club"

    /cue blue oyster club theme music
  20. gay and gay