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Motorcycling dictionary?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Mikie, Nov 13, 2012.

  1. Just an idea.

    Some people (like me) don't know all the shorthand words used in "biking circles", and it might be helpful to have a sort of dictionary for these things.

    So far, I've figured out:

    Squid - rider without proper riding gear (only helmet)
    ATTGATT - "All The Gear All The Time"
    SMIDSY - "Sorry Mate I Didn't See You"

    No idea what "OP" means, and I see it in many threads. Also, since I'm from NSW, I got no idea what "TAC" means. I gather it's some sort of Victorian thingamabob, and it's related to insurance? Maybe those could be helpful too.
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  3. I'm pissing upwind, am I?
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    Pretty much, most would be solved with a quick google bomb. There is actually a motorcycling glossary online somewhere...I saw it once, but never found it again. TAC is this bullshit Victorian insurance whosit that supposedly exists to help people involved in traffic accidents but actually just puts out bullshit anti-motorbike ads and billboards everywhere and makes huge profits from the mandatory charge in our vehicle registrations (about 70% of the total cost, from memory). Supposedly not for profit, they nonetheless managed to pay dividends (supposedly illegal) of ~1.4b to the government. Rant over, those pricks piss me off.

    :edit: found a couple, google is your friend. How accurate they are no idea, only had a quick look.
  5. STFU means "Seriously? That's FUnny"
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  6. Alright, who fed him?!? :mad:
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  7. TAC is a world reknown anti-motorcycle lobby group.
    they have achieved international fame for making the dumbest ads in the universe ever.
    the laughing stock of all road traffic authourities wordwide; they are notorious for employing the dumbest of retards for filling the highest positions in their ranks.
    despite their target audiences pointing out their rather obvious flaws to save them from further embarressments, they persist with relentless abandon in making the roads more dangerous for all motorcyclists in Victoria Australia.
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  14. Its a good idea - has merits
  15. Isn't this exactly the sort of thing the new "wiki" feature is for.
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