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Motorcycling advertising

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by mendosi, Mar 2, 2012.

  1. I was wondering, are there any advertising campaigns going on through any media focussed on bringing new people to the motorcycling lifestyle?

    The only motorcycle ads that I see are in motorcycle-specific magazines/websites etc.

    Wouldn't it be great if the community & manufacturers got together to run a campaign aimed at increasing the total number of riders in Australia?

  2. Love your thinking mate......LOVE IT.

    I pitched this up as the direction for rider advocacy to move into but got knocked back. Motorcycling as a unique brand needs to move into the 21st Century and stop acting like the red headed step child of road use.

    The benefits of cycling and walking are promoted, it's time for the benefits of riding to be promoted if we want the public to see us differently and come and be a part of what is the best way to transport ourselves in the known universe*.

    *does not include science fiction
  3. I've never seen any Motorbike company show an ad on TV. (I think I saw a BMW bike ad during the PI GP but cannot remember).

    TV is a good place to start and then there's the ususal plethora of magazines that can be used but .... I can't understand why they dont?
  4. The thinking needs to be moved away from the manufacturers who have their own agendas and taken on by motorcyclists themselves who have a more important over riding one (pun not intended)

    Motorcycling is far too diverse for a simple single minded manufacturer to cover adequately.
  5. The big factories (most notably Suzuki) advertise during MotoGP coverage on free-to-air, but if you think about it that's just targeting the demographic most likely to buy their product.
    Just like toy companies advertise during the Saturday morning cartoons, and beer during the footy :D

    If you're talking community service "come join us" type advertising during mainstream (read: primetime) programming, you're talking BIG bickies - I don't think any of the representative bodies' marketing budgets stretch nearly that far...
  6. You know while we're on the subject I'll just pop something in for the protagonists who may eventually pipe up. I was originally against the idea of encouraging muppets from caging to take up riding because I figured that's all we need is more muppets on motorcycles killing themselves. I've since changed my mind though, I'm happier with them killing themselves than killing us.

    For every cager on a bike we now have another driver more likely to be 'motorcycle aware'. It has a flow on effect to, they're immediate family and friends and likely to be more sympathetic to us as road users too. That's freakin win/win right there.

    Conversion and subversion to protect ourselves. Get em all on a bike I say and let Darwin sort em out.
  7. Not just BIG bickies but BIG thinking. It's not just the budget that doesn't stretch far enough...
  8. I think it would come down to ROI, and it's a tough sell because the return here can't be measured in dollars.

    And what happens after you've piqued someone's interest with an ad on the telly? Not many people would rush out and drop several grand on a bike on a whim...
    If the aim is to get people "converted", then like as not you need the support of one or more of the factories; I believe Honda have run "come try motorcycling" days through HART, and I reckon that's the kind of thing you want to advertise.
    And if the bodies teamed up together and with a factory, I don't see why it's not possible.
  9. Suzuki does. I edited some of the ads :rofl:
  10. The only objective for current motorcycle advertising is to persuade existing riders to switch brands. No one is promoting the motorcycle industry or the enjoyment of riding, and no one is pushing entry level with positive images or stats. No wonder the average age of riders is slowly increasing and the negative stereotypes persist.
  11. nobody watches commercial tv anymore.

    apart fom sheeple who need their home and away fix daily.
    and they don't buy motorcycles.
  12. I think the only ads I have seen on TV where Honda, Suzuki and Can Am. Ive only seen these once or twice. Maybe a Smidsy Ad is in Order. Id like to be a part of that!
  13. motorcycling isnt exactly a great mystery to non riders. there are many who wish they could ride if they only had 9 lives....i guess there can be a focus on safe riding to tempt some people, but we all know safe and motorcycling is never gonna happen :p
  14. The best advertising is word of mouth, we all can do it.

    Tell your non riding mates all about how good it is, or your workmates when they ask how was your weekend, tell them.

    How good does this sound - "well Saturday went for a ride with mates up to the Hunter Valley only about 400kms so quick ride then on sunday went to the beach with my girlfriend, took the bike so could get a park". Compared to "nothing much went to bed bath and beyond with the girlfriend then got stuck in traffic and was late for a movie, then nothing on sunday"

    Annoy anyone in earshot about how awesome it is. Rider with most people convinced to get a licence wins.
  15. Can-Am paid a shitload for some significant product placement in an episode of CSI a while ago. The fact that it's got screened in Australia is incidental to that though.
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  16. I've seen that cheesy can-am advert as well. Good lord I laughed.
  17. I'm not sure that having it as the property of the world's most badly written hit-person was particulkarly great publicity though :D.
  18. I was surprised to see an article, which was kind of promoting motorcycling, in the most recent RACV magazine (yes I read them 8-[ ). I thought there were various flaws in the article and that rather than focus mostly on information about how to get one's license it should have let people do that rather simple research themselves after communicating to them some of the attractions of riding. But it was an example of the sort of thing which is free and can work well - articles in magazines, newspapers, etc extolling the wonders and joys of riding, rather than simply arguing the politics of motorcycling, can perhaps work wonders. Ewen McGregor has done a lot more for motorcycling than many give him credit for.

    I've often thought t-shirts, car bumper stickers, etc would be nice, with lines about 'only living once' and 'following your passions' and 'being brave enough to live' etc - basically the existential arguments - for 'taking the plunge' and doing what 'you know you want to', i.e. taking up riding. A lot of people have a latent desire to take up riding. How do we encourage latent desires to become present desires to be acted on?
  19. I agree Chef, for various reasons you've mentioned and also the fact that, despite the sound argument Boris would make against greater up-take of riding, at the same time and in contradiction I would say that motorcycling can be a broad church and I see it as a great thing that many people might enjoy it in their own way. Even if that includes a lot of very conservative riders. Provided they don't try to control us, I can't see the problem with many different kinds of riders getting out there, including the new-leather and high-vis wobblers. I love seeing other people out on bikes, regardless of their difference to me.

    In response to the concerns some have which you pointed to, Chef, I have to wonder, regarding our rights: are we at more risk from being broad and large and so including vocal conservatives among us (alongside many other vocal sorts), or at more risk from being a negatively stereotyped minority who are 'costing tax payers money' and whose existence annoys the powerful majority because of our difference to them?
  20. I used to hear a lot of radio adds from Canberra Motorcycles when I lived in Canberra on FM radio. They focused on how cheap it was to ride a bike something like from $5 a day(loan) to get you started. That was a few years ago. Most of the ads were morning and drive time as well which arnt cheap but got cages stuck in traffic paying attention.