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Motorcycles & women - are they that different?

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by dan, Jun 23, 2005.

  1. The relationship

    - As a young man, they were all you could think about. You bought magazines and videos that showed them engaging in wild activities, and wondered which kind you would end up with. When you were out with your mates, you would see good looking one pull up next to you at the lights and all have a good perve.

    - You weren't very sure of yourself when you first started out in the field you didn't know if you had the right skills to not make a fool of yourself. All you knew was that it was so exciting, and you were learning so much about them.

    - Your first one was unforgettable. You didn't treat her that that well, you dropped her every now and then, but she always came back for more. You heard she has ended up with some old fart who is really rough with her. You'd love to give her another go just for old times sake.

    - As you matured, you realised that it was time to move on and find something a bit more meaningful that would last the long term. You were lucky enough to find a virgin that had never been ridden. For the first year, it was magic, everything was going so smoothly and you were having so much fun with her. She was all you could think about, you would spend hours caressing her aand just staring at her. You had so much fun washing her rear end. You were proud to be seen in public with her, and showed her off to your mates.

    - After a while, she started to become very high maintenance, it seemed all your money was going to things that she needed. You notice that she doesn't want to do those wild things that she used to do when you were first together.

    - You relationship mellowed somewhat as time took it's toll on her once youthful looks. Some of your friends have much younger and better looking ones, and they were doing some outrageous things together.

    - You decide that you can have another one on the side. You didn't want any commitment, and all you cared about was a good looker with massive twins, something that would go right off. You wanted one that you could share with your mates on dirty weekends.

    - You find yourself buying those magazines again.
  2. damn that is good +1 for you, trying to find a wording that allows me to say it'd be great if it worked the same for both, in a niceish sort of way. fcuk it, life short...
  3. hehe good one..
  4. So what famous female is your current ride analogous to?

    Hmmm Ducati 750 sport.... svelte... only half 'faired"... smooth matt black skin... with 2 small firm "cylinders" on display... athletic disposition... timeless classy exotic good looks...

    Merlene Ottey! :p
  5. haha good stuff :p
  6. That is brilliant!

    I could not help but laugh out loud at work. Got a few weird looks.

    My current ride has four cylinders!? She's a petite japanese lass, far from virginity, but gentle with newbies!!
  7. It's sad because it's true

  8. hahahaha just mailed it to everyone in the office :)
  9. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Mine was crazy and high maintenance from the start.

    Black Betty, bambalam...