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Motorcycles v Riceburner Knobheads

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Takamii, Nov 4, 2011.

  1. Is it just me because of the lightcycle R1 or do any other people have problems with Knobheads in Riceburners ? EDIT - used to happen before the led lights went on as well

    Dont get me wrong I like riceburner cars ( japanese sports cars turbo awd evos etc ) and have owned many of them and will own a RX7 in the future one day. In fact I prefer them over V8 and turbo Commodores and Falcons for example

    However I find that they think their car can out drag / out run a Yamaha R1

    I dont participate in their attempts in fact I stay as far away from them as I can

    I have found they more often than not cut me off frequently ( and very close) , get right on my tail etc etc - seriously last night one guy missed by only a meter - he had plenty of room but had to for some reason cut in front of me drop a gear and floor it leaving me to breath a plume of black exhaust smoke

    All I am doing when this happens is just putting along in the left hand lane at the speed limit

    Also the age of the drivers is varied - its not just young drivers
  2. Yes, yes it is.
  3. oh well that explains it then - we can close the thread and Lock it :)

    Thank you LOL
  4. R1's have a stigma attached to them and that is everyone who rides them is crazy and ethnic LOL
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  5. Yeah thats me crazy and effnik
    most of the gits wouldnt recognise an R1 anyway

    its hard to see the badging on my bike
  6. Yes, unlike Ducati's.


    Happens all the time, Skylines, Mitsubishi Evo, etc. Even a worked over EVO 10 can't hold it against a 16 year old twin in a straight line, it's a bit pathetic.

    However, something snaps in my head when I see a WRX, I usually can't resist giving it some. I blame Ghostrider.
  7. I just take off to the speed limit or slightly above, eventually they do catch up to me by breaking the law , they have to sit behind me or overtake. They are only fooling themselves if they think they have beat me in a race.
  8. No it's not just you, and it's not just Riceburner knobheads. It's knobheads in general.

    Because I'm in the country we have a special sort of knobhead. They drive either beaten up Hilux utes or 6cyl falcon/commodore utes, complete with the obligatory 'CONARGO PUB' and 'BUNDABERG RUM' stickers.
  9. Probably just the R1, mate.

    Then again, with the Tiger 1050 they probably figure it's some old-man touring bike with 10 horsepower... Or judging by the radio gear and helmet curly-cord to a comms system, an unmarked cop bike. XD
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  10. Yes, for sipping latte's...

    But no, I rarely have anyone try and race me. I get more thumbs up and 'nice bike' more than anything else.
  11. Likewise from the general populace for me
  12. I had a car rev his engine next to me on the RGV, so I rev back and the two stroke blows a big cloud of smoke which the wind blows through the open window so his car is now filled with a big cloud of blue smoke.

    Couldn't of planned it better.....

    I had the knobs wanting to race when I had the R1 as well. They have no idea.
  13. I think its more a motorbike thing than any particular bike. People just liked to be dicks.
  14. Just get the revs up, feet back......... Then take off normally as they launch and **** their drivetrain and clutch.
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  15. it ain't just riceburners that do this. we could also add P-platers in commodores/falcons/utes to the list. having said that, i find these kinda guys are more likely to be aware of you and give you room when they see you filtering.

    sure you can kick their ass if you wanted to (not that you would feel the need).. makes you feel like chuck norris on two wheels, eh? :biker:
  16. good idea rev it up and then just watch them take off
  17. Mate, what you describe here is chest pounding, posturing and strutting.
    They are establishing the pecking order between you and them, and as usual, they think they're better than you.
    It's hilarious, isn't it! :)))

    Are you doing the standard responses?...starring at the driver if at the lights, look their car over and laughing (jiggling helmet up and down as if you are snickering?

    If you are ignoring their presence, then they are making sure you see them, by cutting it fine, riding your arsk, etc etc.

    A copped it a bit on the Blade, but nothing to speak of on the 675. (they probably think I'm no competition coz it's not a thou. LOL.

    Ah well mate...keep your wits about you when they're around.
  18. Ours also have the RM Williams longhorn sticker across the back window, and a "I survived ... B&S ball"

    I just let them go.
  19. try against some worked evo 9s ;)
  20. Some girl in a Swift tried to race me the other day. Side-stepped the clutch at redline, and trundled off at the expected pace. I let her have it; keep the crazies in front where you can see 'em, I reckon.