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motorcycles/scooters and the census form

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by sluglie, Jul 30, 2006.

  1. just recieved my census form and filled it in online, pretty easy to do and took about 10 mins, but i noticed that where it asks about motor vehicles parked on or near property it said not to include motorcycles/scooters.

    wonder why that is?

    oh well, i was surprised at how painless this is (uk census is about 5 times bigger and asks some pretty friggin personal questions)

    glad i got that out of the way

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  3. Probably Q54 excludes bike/scooters as they are never taken seriously into planning
    issues in Australia
  4. Are there any questions that even mention motorcycles and scooters? If so - what is the question that the Census asks?

    There are 3 motorcycles parked at our house - all in the garage and the one car we own is in the driveway..........
  5. Code:
    The kind of place a person calls home, and the number of vehicles a person owns, is very closely related to that person's standard of living.
    The answers to these questions provide an indication of the sizes of homes, the cost of housing and the extent of overcrowding in parts of Australia. This information is used for planning purposes by governments and others, for example, it helps the building industry to plan for new housing developments.
    Please provide an answer for ‘Motor Vehicles’ only, and exclude motorbikes and scooters.
  6. OK - but a la my original question - is there a specific question that mentions motorcycle ownership? Or if one went to work by motorcycle etc.

    I think that they have stuffed up here - if one owns a motorcycle - they probably own a car too. If they own an expensive motorcycle - then they are probably above average wealth wise. If they own a motorcycle (any type) and a car - then they are certainly not poor. Or is my logic wrong (don't answer that one Vic!!! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: )
  7. yes, they ask you how you went to work on the 8th. one of the options is "motorcycle/scooter"
  8. I received my census booklet today.
    There is one question regarding motorcycles or scooters..... relating to how did you get to work.

    Q45. How did the person get to work on tuesday 8th august?
  9. NSW Census Booklet
    Q.1: Does the person own/ride a motorbike?
    A. Yes

    If answered YES, you are a dirty lowdown maniac law breaking Motorbike Rider. You are not deemed worthy to complete the Austrlalian Census due to your dangerouse, reckless and aggressive attitiude towards law-abiding Car drivers. Please do NOT continue the Census, and report to the nearest Police Station for identification.

    Q.2: How many bikers does the person cut infront of a week....?

    :evil: :roll:
  10. thats what i thought but it let me fill the ecensus form in so i am guessing they aint that bothered about it being filled in on the 8th (anyway, my life is very predictable and the 8th wont be any different to any other day)

    besides if i dont ride to work on the 8th i dont have any other way of getting there so traveling via m/c will be the only option
  11. The content of this question has been bugging me for the last few days.

    I know that some of you don't think that its very important, but it has occurred to me that not including motorcycles/scooters in this question will lead to some missed information/trends, that could have been picked up if the ABS had asked people to list motorcycles separtely.

    Here is my list:

    a. Counting all motorcycles in the household would give an indication of potential licence holders. ie No of bikes = kids likely riding bikes who will get a licence when they come of age.

    b. The latent demand for recreational riding areas. Where there is high ownership of recreational motorcycles - there is a need for somehwere to ride them.

    c. Good opportunity to identify number of people who own multiple bikes - and who in Vic would be paying multiple $50 levy's. MRAA is always chasing this stat, which is very difficult to get anywhere.

    d. As price of petrol goes up, those older/less fit are likely to start commuting by motorcycle. If they already own one - it may be likely that they will make the change soon. Counting the bike in the house would uncover this.

    e. If there are a lot of bikes owned, and people are going to change their commuting habits from cars to bikes, then it is likely that there will be less stress placed on Road Infrastructure. If the change can be identified by counting bikes now, it may eventuate that some "planned infrastructure" may not be needed as space is freed up by the change from big cars to smaller cars/motorcycles.

    f. When it comes to measuring wealth - what about customized machines, classic bike collections etc. The question as it stands collects information about Classic Car collections - but not bikes....

    If this question included bikes then it would uncover the true size of the motorcycle community - ie Votes represented by those who have an interest in motorcycles. This isn't well measured at the present, and polies really have no idea as to how large a group we really are. They know we are diverse - but counting us would expose the real picture..

    Anyway, these are just a few thoughts......
  12. That's what my place would be like if we had a car!

  13. Bugger, I want to tell them that I usually ride my bike to work, but I'm on sick leave on the 8th - so I guess I'm not going to work...
  14. Theres a feedback option @ the end of the ecensus.

    If we all took this option & put something like below, they just might get the hint. Not holding breath.

    "Include motorcycles for registered vehicles".

  15. We own 2 cars and a motorcycle but we are far far far from Rich on a single income.
    Thankfully our house is almost paid off and we can at least afford to live within our means and this was done through lots of sacrifices and hard work.
    I resent stupid logic like yours John.
  16. I'm hoping I have mine repaired or whatever by then so I can say that I rode her to work.
  17. Smee - read what I said - If they own an expensive motorcycle

    Its their logic that I'm having a go at. Their logic says if you own a couple of cars - then that reflects your level of wealth.

    It should be the ABS who you are insulted by Smee - NOT Me :? But, if you want to trade insults - I'm quite happy to accommodate...... :p :p

    Are you going to tick the "I rode to work on the 8th"......... :p :p
  18. Hmm...

    Hmm better not risk the $1000 for knowingly supplying false information. But if you do it online before that date you probably genuinely think you'll be riding so that'll be OK :LOL:
  19. We all know that the census is not meant to be the source of all information for the ABS. Then we would have people complaining about how much information they want. The fact that motorcycles were left out of a question means nothing. They didn't ask if I own a $500,000 boat either? Or a $50,000 caravan, or a $1million holiday home.

    None of which I have by the way!

    The census is a way of the Govt finding out specific info that they require. Would WE like to know how many bikes are out there? Sure, but the Govt obviously don't need to know. Would some like to know where all the single, easy women are? Sure, but they're not asking that either are they! I own push bike s worth probably more than half the people's motorbikes here, they didn't ask about them either.
  20. There was something on the radio today saying 16000 people had already completed their census online and that they were BAD BAD people. Some crud about taintin "the snap shot of australian life on the 8th August"

    So why did they make it available?? Idiots!