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Motorcycles help keep you young

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Chef, Sep 15, 2009.

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  2. ...and the 2009 "Well, Duh!" Award goes to... The Lab Rats.

    Seriously though that's quite cool.

    Wonder what would happen if they took a sample group of 40-50 year old's, who ride daily, and made them all drive beige Camry's for two months. :p
  3. That explains why I'm such an immature bastid. :cool:
  4. lol

    smee ya beat me to it!!
  5. Still,

    I can believe it, at the same time, Sample size of 22, and sponsored by a Motorcycle company.... Potential for Bias? What was the extent of this "improved" function... :?
  6. Hehe, the study doesn't have a lot of credibility to it, actually even that may be being a little generous :-k .....
    ....however the premise that more thinking goes into riding than driving still holds water.

    Add me to the list :grin:
    At least now we have an excuse!!! :cool:
  7. Okay so motorcycle keeps us young and help prevent erectile dysfunction (wheelies), Surely bike shops are going to have to start bulk billing. I can't wait to claim my tyre expenses through medicare.
  8. Hey James, when did you get the Zook??????????

    I drive Macquarie Pass every week and I ride it for recreation several times a week. Have a guess which vehicle makes me think more (and therefore keep me young, if the survey is correct?

    (And it's not a Yamaha :LOL:)
  9. Paul, I picked her up last night, it don't go to bad aye ;)
  10. Just spent a coupla days working in Sydney with team members from around the country who all know I ride. One of the topics was succession planning for me in case I stack on the way to work! Anyway, I was talking about the great benefits of riding to work (quick, fun, cheap and free secure parking) and going up to the spurs / Kinglake etc on the weekends and a few comments were made such as "why do you do those things at your age..."

    Well, I'm only 41, certainly don't feel 41 and definitely don't feel 41 when I'm riding. Matter of fact I feel a damn sight younger.

    I only feel my age while at work or after doing the weekend house renos when my back tells me that not only am I 41 but my spine's doing a great impression of a 70 year old!