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Motorcycles for people that have had hip replacements

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by i.d.g.a.f, Jan 10, 2006.

  1. im soon to get my license and first bike. and my dad wants to get a bike again to go on rides with me, so i dont have to ride pillion.

    he's had a hip replacement and suffers from extreme pain due to it.

    was wondering what kind of bike (cruiser most likely) would be suitable in your opinion.

    he's got the old tough guy harley davidson thing going, but aside from hardtails what kind of HD would you recommend. and any other harley like cruiser out there.
  2. Most in here would recommend anything but a Harley, even if it is a cruiser you're after. I'd tend to agree, as you can get some better technology cruisers for cheaper prices if you look elsewhere.

    That said, HDs have an image thing, and 'tis why they are so successful. If he wants to be in that image, better not to get in the way. Bike purchases are made with the heart, not the mind. ;)

    As for suitability for his injury... not too sure. Could probably try a sporty naked too - they're fairly comfy to ride, but he'd really have to sit on a few to find out what's good and what's not.
  3. Tell him to have a look at the Bonnie America ,
  4. Cruiser-style bikes throw the rider's weight backwards, usually directly onto the coccyx, which I would think would not be comfortable for a person who's had a hip replacement.

    Best bet is to go to your local dealers and ask them if he can test-ride a bike with that limitation as one of the main criteria.

    Also do a search on hip-replacement on the 'Net, there's reams of information from self-help groups, etc, and some of it will probably relate to driving/riding etc....
  5. Someone I know had a leg amputation and after that he started riding a GS500e.... the riding positions is fairly friendly..

    My suggestion would be to look at the following..

    If he does not have trouble swinging his leg over...

    Look at the riding position of said bike... and try sitting on lots of bikes in the shop..

    People are automatically going for a cruiser, but this may actually be more work on the hips than a sports tourer or even supersports bike... since to lift your legs you have to do it from the hips...

    On a supersports bike people tend to get sore wrists, knees and backs, but I have never heard of them getting sore hips...

    That said, a supersport is probably not the right thing, but how about a sports tourer, like a Suzuki GS500, Kawasaki Er6n, Honda CBR600F or similar...

    Just a thought... my 2 cents worth
  6. He could also look at a BMW with a low seat option. There's a few guys in the BMW club with various Old Fart conditions like artifical hips :grin: who do a lot of miles. They find that they are better off in a more upright touring position. Conversely if his knees are a problem then Cruisers are better - if you've got both hips and knees then get a 650 or 500 scooter (seriously) - in fact a big scooter is definitely the answer if he can't get his leg over the bike.

  7. thats the problem, he cant exactly nimbly leg over onto a bike. he fell down the drive way trying to get onto a bmx bike....

    he's in no way frail, just curious as to whether a harley would do more damage than good, and if he would be able to get on and off easily.

    either way. im sure he'll ignore all good intentioned advice and get the loudest, lowest and most raked harley he can find.

    thanks for the advice and opinions guys, appreciated