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VIC Motorcycles - Death Traps - Nein News

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by mjt57, May 16, 2011.

  1. On Channel Nine last night a report on motorcycle crashes and deaths was shown.

    They interviewed one guy who had a bad off and was recovering. He had all this metalic medical gear connected to him, presumably to protect his neck from sustaining further injuries.

    The reporter then went on about the usual stuff about low kays ridden/high percentage of road toll.

    It finished with JDK being interviewed and stressing the importance of continued rider training and skills upgrades.

    Then, later on, during the MotoGP telecast TAC had a number of bike ads on and how we should reduce the risks. It implied that we're all at fault here. Nothing about how car/truck drivers should also look out for other road users.

    The ad in question was that bullshit one where a rider overtakes a car and somehow "loses" it and gets flung into an oncoming truck.

    Nein never had any intention of balanced reporting, not when it headlines the article with the title, "Death Traps".

    And TAC is about objective as a greenie advocating alternative energy when it's telling us that it's All Our Fault.

    How offensive and insulting can those people be?
  2. I'm almost to the point where I hope THE TERRISTS do wipe us all out, we deserve it at this point for being too stupid to continue as a society.
  3. Nein news, there's your problem right there.
  4. Alas it isn't TACs job to be objective. They're an insurer. Their (perceived) job is to reduce the number of claims coming in. That's the opposite of objective... we're just lucky that they don't have the power to mandate we all drive volvos.
  5. you've tied a few points together that make me wonder...
    Are TAC actively levering the media into doing propaganda-based editorial stories on the basis of their advertising spending?

    It would be very easy for TAC to package an anti-motorcycle story for Nine to pick up, with ad spending as the bait.

    It happens in all sorts of other industries, why not this one?
  6. Is there a link to the video?

    What's the complaint email for nine news?
  7. Rob, I haven't looked for a link. It may exist on MSN. Dunno. If I was at home I would've recorded, then burnt to disc, then ripped and uploaded for everyone's viewing pleasure.

    But I wasn't.
  8. I watched 5 minutes of one of those crappy 'Aussie Dramas' (can't tell you which one, they'll all crap) and it had Shane Bourne...


    ...leaving where he works and hopping on his cruiser. He didn't do his helmet up, and he didn't put his left glove on first, so clearly not from around here.

    His colleagues watched him ride off in disbelief saying things like;
    "He's not serious is he?"
    "Must be a midlife crisis"
    "Maybe he's got a death wish"

    That's the problem with 'Aussie Dramas', too much comedy in them.
  9. http://news.ninemsn.com.au/video.aspx

    Type motorcycle in the search box. 15th May video clip. "Motorcycle dangers"

    What a piece of work and bastard use of statistics!!! Sonia Marinelli is the presenter. I haven't found the right email link yet - not for nine complaints or directly to Sonia Marinelli. Sounds ltalian... we could be related. lol
  10. Betcha there was a media buy tied up with running the story. Betcha stats and interviewee were provided by TAC.
  11. I'd like to see the two separated. Dunno about anyone else, but I don't like the implications that money is more motivation than my life and health.

    While it does make some sense to have it all in the one body, it also makes sense to separate prevention and patching people up after they haven't been prevented.
  12. Always will be, sadly. That's why we have bicycle helmet laws, not to mention the motorcycles and such. The government doesn't want to pay for fixing you in a crash, so they restrict your liberty in the name of their finances.
  13. When all options are bad, go for the least bad :shrug:. And if they're all equally bad, drain the bottle and spin it :p.
  14. I got telephone surveyed by the MAC yesterday.

    One question establishes that you are a motorcyclist, which opens to a whole section on gear related questions. What do I consider appropriate gear, have I seen the add with doohan about gear, does it make me more likely to wear gear etc.

    Mostly it felt like a survey to guage my response to the last 2 months worth of advertising campaigns. Speeding, seatbelts, gear etc. I answered honestly, it went for about 15 minutes. All very good questions.

    Then this question came up.

    On a scale of hardly likely to very likely.
    "Has any of the advertising you have seen in relation to motorcycles encouraged you to only ride when you have to?"

    I nearly choked.

    Excuse me, can you repeat that, I don't think I heard you right.

    It was exactly what she said. I told her I ride because I want to, not because anyone is making me, fit that in your survey.

    After that there were a few triple negative questions related to motorcycles and speed, again looking for least to very likely as an answer. I couldn't answer them because they shut my brain down just listening to them. So I gave her a statement and listened while she interpreted it to get an answer. The questions were like,

    Do the adds encourage you to not speed by less than 10 km over the speed limit?

    huh? I mean call me stupid but are you asking me if the add makes me not speed unless it is by at least 10 kays over? Well that's a hell no. The add doesn't encourage me to do anything, it was an add about wearing the right gear? What the hell?

    Are they loading these questions to be intentionally obtuse in order to get some stat to justify something they are trying to run as an agenda that has no real world value at all?

    At this point I revoked my answers and declined to be a part of the survey as it was clearly being run with less than questionable integrity.

    I'm still bloody fuming though. Apparently we only ride because we have to now. What is next?
  15. Giving out motorcycles so we have no excuse to not fulfil our quota of riding?

    EDIT: Here's an attempt at a joke for you:

    Q. Is it true that in Queensland they're giving away motorcycles for free?
    A. Yes! But it is not Queensland, its South Australia, not free but costing you a few hundred dollars, and not giving so much as taking away.
  16. When are you guys gonna learn NOT TO ANSWER SURVEYS!!!!!!
  17. I'd love to see them explain the circumstances behind these deaths. Instead of saying that a MC rider was killed by a car doing a U-Turn in the fog across double white lines (for example) they say that a MC rider was killed on the road, and show footage of a MC rider going down the wrong side of the road (implying that the deaths are caused by the MC riders themselves). Makes me angry.
  18. Public roads are death traps. Simple.
    If as many troops died in Afghanistan as did on our roads we would all be protesting to have them brought home.
    The fact that you have less chance of surviving an idiot out there on a bike as a car is a given. Some things in life are like that. If you cant factor in that bikes are dangerous then you shouldn't be riding. Or wont be for long.
    Things like your TAC and other crap you have down there is the reason I think we should stay the hell away from any government or committee group.
    You go asking those types for help and they will just regulate you out of the game. They never help. They just stuff things up even more.
    Must have been a slow bogan week or something for nine to dig into the files and put bikes up there.
  19. The world is a death trap. If people didn't risk their lives on the roads they would do it somewhere else - planking or something equally boring but dangerous.

    What makes road trauma to unacceptable? It's the single largest category, that's all. It appears in the stats as the biggest cost. The fact that it just happens to include the biggest user group is lost in the mix. If cars and bikes were replaced with donkeys tomorrow the TAC would be complaining about the evils of animal husbandry.

    and if it weren't the TAC it would be privately owned insurers. Government is only a problem when it starts behaving like a business.