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Featured Motorcycles: Created by men, for men...?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by LalaJ, May 22, 2015.

  1. I've been having a discussion with an individual recently, since my bike was stolen. This individual informed me today, that bikes were created for men, by men.

    Apparently, women shouldn't ride bikes. Apparently, women do this as a way to prove themselves to men. And, if women do ride, they shouldn't make a big deal out of it.

    You see, I disagree with this individualquite strongly. To the point where I told him to create his time machine and go back to the dark ages where his archaic and chauvanistic theories may be appreciated...

    I think everyone should ride a bike. It's awesome! It's one of the best activities in the universe!

    I don't think female riders ride to prove anything to anyone. I also don't know any women who make a big deal out of the fact that they ride.

    I'm posting this, because I'm interested in the thoughts of others. Let me know what you think.
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  2. I think he just said that cos chick's keep embarrassing him when they go past on one wheel showing off to the kids......and he can't get it up.
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  3. So, I should have told him that his doctor could write him a script for Viagra or cialis?
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  4. Yeh and maybe some testosterone tablets to overcome all the estrogen he obviously has.
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  5. I sent him a box of tampons and told him he should speak to someone about his PMS.
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  6. Some people are scary!

    Riding is in your blood. Pure and simple. Once its there it never goes away.

    It is different things to different people. Some need to race. Some just want to cruise. Some love the commute. Some just ride Sundays. No need to analyse it. Just do it :)

    Some love Super Sports. Some love Naked. Some love Classic. It's an individual thing.

    Your friends deeper seated female insecurities could probably be best helped by dialing 1800 - PSYCHOLIGST. ;)

    Ride on Brothers and Sisters I say :)
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  7. People are just weird.
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  8. lol Some more than others.
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  9. Traditionally bikes were designed by men for men. That view is a bit last century. A higher percentage of woman mechanical engineers entering design teams and the higher uptake of motorcycling among women has made that paradigm redundant. Many motorcycle companies see women as the fastest growing sales segment and to ignore them is a danger to their ongoing sales.

    The areas I see as lagging behind, from comments on this site and others, is women's riding apparel and sales support streams.
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  10. Funny I got told the same thing when I started studying martial arts before it was a popular sport for girls, then again when I played ice hockey, so I just don't listen anymore ... if people want to keep their head in the sand or up their ass, let them ... ignore them I say and do whatever rocks your boat ... life's too short to pander to nuff nuffs ... Peace Out :)
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  11. Believe me, the riding apparel and sale support is something I've discussed many times. My stepdad tells me to buy men's gear, which is fine, but they don't often sell men's shoes in sizes that small...

    I'd like to tall to some manufacturers about seat height as well.

    I've heard it many times. Uncle GregUncle Greg is still adamant that I'm a guy.
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  12. Just realised 8.30 on a Friday night and we're on here .... now that's just sad! ha ha ha
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  13. Here you go. Great seat height and riding gear that fits ;)

    Girl-on-chopper small.
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  14. I actually prefer the guy's gear any day ... the women's is either black - or black and pink - seriously!?! I bought guy's leathers and cargos, the only female apparel I purchased was a small pair of boots but can't wait to actually start riding in my guy's Aplines ... oh dear, maybe I have boy genes!! ha ha ha
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  15. Nice bike!
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  16. I have men's dririder acrylics. I can find kevlars without flowers or pink. The shoes are the biggest thing.
  17. I take a ladies 7.5 or sometimes an 8 in a runner - I do a lot of walking and like thick socks :) And I have 3 pair of boots - ordered in - but you might have tiny tootsies

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  18. Alpine Stars make low boots that come in Pink/Black or Black/Black.

    DiantraDiantra that is an awesome collection :)
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  19. Pink/Black - wash out your mouth Q3ArenaQ3Arena !!! ha ha ha
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  20. I do, I can still wear kids shoes...

    I have AStar pink/black boots. With ankle support. lol
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