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Motorcycles barred from Transit Lanes?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by mjt57, Jun 4, 2005.

  1. Saw a message in another forum tonight. It appears that motorcycles may be barred from using transit lanes. Not sure of their status now. Apparently the signs on the Eastern Freeway (MEL) which list what a transit lane is for (allowed vehicles) have been removed.

    Also, it appears that the transit lane that was recently established along Hoddle St is the same. The person who wrote the note wrote to the Transport Minister, Peter Batchelor asking him whether bikes are allowed to use the transit lines or not. He hasn't bothered to reply, to date.

    The current government is concerned about ever increasing congestion and the pollution that this causes. A part of the solution would be to encourage the use of two wheeled transport. Apparently, this isn't being considered in the overall picture.

    Comments, anyone?
  2. The vic road rules still say you can, exact same thing as NSW.

    see page 30.

    They cant fine you if the rule book says you can. Hope they don't have a law change on the way, wouldn't surprise me the way they've been treating bikes in both VIC and NSW. :x
  3. I'm only going on what I read, but the poster clearly stated that these particular signs were removed from the Eastern Freeway.

    This is what the poster said..

    "FYI, was riding to city along Eastern Fwy last night. The large signs that explained what the right hand transit lane is for – vehicles with two people, taxis and motorcycles – seem to have been removed. ‘T2’ is now painted on the road surfaces.

    "I fear the government will soon prohibit us from using the transit lane, as it seems to have done for the new transit lane in Hoddle St. (Have had no response from Batchelor re my simple question – are we allowed or not?)
  4. Signs are still there do you believe everything you read on forums????
    You live in Warragul ffs so stop the paranoia.
  5. Usually do, if they're posted by someone that I know personally.

    Um, I don't, actually.
  6. My bad Traralgon.
  7. There is a large sign on Hoddle Street that states that T2 is for vehicles with 2 or more passangers, VHA/C, Taxi, Buses and Bikes/Motorcycles.

    I havent noticed the signs on the Easten Changed.... looked like the same old ones to me.

  8. Yep it's great to see people posting from the point of ignorance to scaremonger. (Not having a dig at MJT but the idjut who posted in that "other forum")
  9. I've heard on another forum that the speed limit on the Eastern is now 180kph, so go nuts.


  10. bwhahahahahhahhahaahha nice one Dan :)
  11. So when did we need lanes??.......We have our own - they're marked by the white lines. Jeez!
  12. ha2 nice one dude!
  13. Yeah Thanks Feriant....we do what we gotta do, Eh!

    Red Dog