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Motorcycles as a conversation starter

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by zenali, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. I'd always heard that babies and puppies were the best conversation starters. Well, now I know differently.

    It has been 11 days since we bought our motorcycle, and in that time I've had 6 strangers start conversations with me about the bike.

    To put this into perspective, I live in a high-rise apartment building. Basically people keep to themselves, and when you ride in an elevator you tend not to speak to those around you. I make an effort to say hello to people who get off on my floor, but that only seems to happen once or twice a month. A smile and a nod at the mailbox is about as social as it gets.

    Not anymore.

    Riding in the elevator in my gear, helmet in hand, on my way down to the garage I noticed a grey-haired lady looking at me. At first I thought she might be nervous because the boots and gear can make some people feel a bit threatened. Instead she said "What do you ride?" I laughed and told her, and she said that she and her husband have BMW tourers and we got into a bit of a chat. Same thing happened with a guy who rides a Kawasaki Ninja, and then a few more times, and once in the carpark as I warmed the bike up.

    Then a few minutes ago one of the senior managers where I work came up to me as I was leaving to get lunch.

    "Did I see you on a motorbike this morning?"

    "Yeah, that was me."

    "What kind of bike?"

    "Honda CBR125."
    (Cue huge grin as I remembered the one good bend on my ride to work.)

    Turns out he has an old Kawasaki 1000 tourer and has been a rider since he was a kid, and we ended the conversation with a vague promise to go for a ride up into the Dandenongs some time.

    To hell with puppies and babies. If you want to start up some interesting conversations, go straight for the motorcycle.
  2. It's good, innit?

    At the last engineering office I worked in, down near Geelong, it almost seemed a pre-requisite that in order to work there you had to have been a rider at some point in your life. Better still if you still rode. Sooooo many bikes parked in the lot.
  3. Errr... if you're hoping to pick up old men you'd be laughing. But you're right, it's very odd that people just come up and start talking.

    With my bike though, it gets a little tiring after a while. Sometimes I just want to get some fcuking fuel, not hear about what bike you had a million years ago.
  4. Ha! I suppose it could get pretty old if you just want to be on your bike rather than talking about it. But as far as filling those awkward silences in an elevator goes, it works like a charm. :)
  5. Yeah, it would I guess.

    "I ride a sports postie!"
  6. I go into a Coles store on the way home sometimes dressed in my gear to pick up a few items and get the occasional hawt checkout chick ask me what I ride.

    I could indulge in some witty repartee, but they're generally under 18 and I might get thrown out of the store. So I keep it clean. But it is a good conversation starter.

    Youngest comment came from a 4 year old who said to me "You ride a motorcycle!". Bright lad. I should have answered, "Actually I fly a space shuttle, it's parked outside", but instead I demurely asked how did he know to which he said "cause' you got a helmet." Can't argue with that I suppose, especially with a 4 year old.
  7. depends what type of bike ya have. you have the type of bike that old ment like to remenise about.

    only bogans talk to me to tell me im a sick ****. women and childeren clutch their money bags and try not to make eye contact.

    goto get myself a pretty bike again :(
  8. I too get the occational chat just from me stading next to my bike or when walking around carryng a helmet.
  9. My 4-year old nephew always says "cool motorbike" whenever I go and visit, even though he's seen it a hundred times, and even tho it's really ugly (I'm hoping he'll appreciate the new one tho hah). I can't say I've had many hawt checkout chicks talk to me about my biket yet though... or in fact, anyone really. I wonder what I'm doing wrong.
  10. My daughter told one of her co-workers that her mum rides a motorcycle, after searching on the internet to show him the bike I ride he told her I was a sic b---h, I told her that wasnt nice , she laughed and said mum its a compliment!! so she gets asked about motorcycles and what type of bike mum rides sometimes by friends or others she meets.
  11. The little kids love it. Walking around the supermarket and I'll hear "Hello Mr. motorbike rider" its very cute. Definatley a good conversation starter
  12. Not the demographic you want, but you're never left conversationless at a party.

    Kids wave. Old men come and tell you about how they used to ride before marriage and how much everything's changed etc.

    Chicks love to get on the back though. But it's more friends of friends who want the rides.

    Still do get quite a few random conversation, usually from the above demographics, but often different.

    It's brilliant.
  13. I tell them to bugger off.
  14. I have a puppy a baby and a bike
    People won't leave me alone!
  15. I'm much the same, especially with blokes who tell me "I used to ride a bike, years ago''. I tell them "Yeah, so did I".
  16. Where can I find all these people who talk to me about bikes?? Maybe it's the constant glare on my face when I walk around carrying my helmet (not my fault, I've spent ten years being pissed off at the world, it's ingrained :p) that puts people off.
  17. So Prison wasn't pleasant for you, eh mate?
  18. My kids friends love it that I ride and always ask about the bike, but I do get strangers coming up to me complimenting me on my bike too. Especially at the shopping centre, when you park it people always comment.
  19. Its a bit like that, isn't it. Gotta love it when you're just popping into somewhere and then get into a chat about your or their ride, how they used to ride...etc.

    Reminds me of my car a bit actually. Drive a big old Chrysler Valiant and often I'll get people come up while I'm fueling etc and comment or talk about the good old days when cars had character. Was in the video ezy year before last and had a fellow ask if I drove the Val outside. I said so and he offered me a set of stock wide-rims for the back, complete with Yokohama rubber! Couldn't disagree so had a chat and then picked them up the next day. Sweet...

    But yeah, gotta admit as much as I love my car I'm pretty sure I like riding more. And I'm just getting around on a borrowed DRZ400 haha...
  20. More likely because (a) hes had no luck with the smackhead chick
    whos now clean thanks to rehab, (b) he can't afford a Harley, &
    (c) he's stuck with a crap bike which he got ripped on [​IMG]

    So I can understand why hes pissed [​IMG]