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Motorcycles and snow - The (slightly crazy) options.

Discussion in 'Adventure/Enduro' at netrider.net.au started by nath, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. Put up a bunch of snow and bike related stuff in a blog:

    Not so relevant for Australia (well, maybe the guys who live in jindabyne or victorian snowfields) but pretty amazing some of the crazy buggers who do the ice racing.

    Anyone else remember something interesting with bikes and snow?
  2. switchtraxx also do a conversion kit for your trail bike - ski on the front track on the rear.
  3. DSC_0016.

    I commute in the snow and often get out on the weekend and if there is snow then it just adds to the fun factor.

    Cheers :LOL:
  4. Picture160-1.

    That's about the extent of it. I'd hate to tackle it for any long distance though...
  5. What snow??



  6. Nice pics guys..
    Commuting regularly in the snow = crazy!
  7. Check out August issue of Australasian Dirt Bike magazine. Roosting Powder - Snow Bikes. Look like fun.
  8. whoa..dude, yall are NUTZ......not fun...got caught out on knobbies, on tarmac, in a sleet storm here last year.....TERRIBLE. Can you say "pucker butt"
  9.  Top
  10. That....is.....awesome.

    In fact, this thread is awesome. I would love to try the snow, it's the black ice on the inroads that scares me though...

    Hey Markee, how is your 450 on the highway?
  11. Ahhhhh, that pic takes me back. My bike is the the blue DR.. That was one fantastic and interesting ride. Stookies headlight blew towards the end of the day. We were sharing the headlight of my DR for about the last hour in pitch black darkness.. That pic was taken after my 2nd off for the day, the first was 2 corners before. Both were at about 60 kph. Yes definitely the crazy option :eek:hno::eek:hno:
  12. Leaky the 450 only did about 700kms on the road, since then it's been track/race bike only for the last 2 years. I valued my license more, so no road bikes for me. It's also now a 550 which, from what I'm told, are a way better streetbike and a much better option for road racing than the 450.
    The 450 is awesome for supermoto racing though.