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Motorcycles and carpark boom gates

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by slygrog, Jan 14, 2012.

  1. I'm never really sure what the deal is with boom gates. I know there have been discussions here about whether going around them is illegal (No one really had an answer, it was like 'probably, but...'), but what I'm wondering is - have you been fined?

    I'm heading to somewhere in the Kings Cross/Darlinghurst area tonight and was looking for parking spots nearby. Netrider says it's best to skip kerbside parking, hit up a secure carpark and go round the boomgates on exit.

    What happens if you do this and the carpark staff don't like it? Can they send your details to the big database in the sky and have you fined? Do you get a visit from large men in suits? Anything?
  2. depends if it's a manned boomgate they can write down your number plate and get aggro and surely could legally expect you to pay for their services. A unmanned gate is the same legally but you're unlikely to be noticed exiting and even if you are later they would probably throw it in the too hard to chase up basket
  3. You will be fine if your really that worried before u enter the car park,
    Pull over cover your number plate with some tape or something and when u leave pull over and remove once u left.
    I've never had a issue I have never covered my plate just ride in in ride out when I'm done.
  4. When you enter, if you pull up as you would in a car it's probably not going to recognise you anyway, so you won't get a ticket so you cannot pay even if you wanted too. Go around, park somewhere out of the way and go around the gate on your way back too.

    If push comes to shove pay for the parking you used.
  5. Yeah, this happens to me often in shopping car parks. Just wasn't sure if it became an issue for anyone ever!
  6. Good tip lads n lasses, I'll remember to try this next time I'm in the CBD at night. Never thought of parking in paid parking without paying.
  7. I normally always stop to get a ticket on the way in (just in case a mall cop had an extra serving of 'biatch' with his morning Krispy Kreme), but I have not triggered the pressure plate on the way out several times, so I just end up exiting around the gate.

    They're sly basterds now though, as many gates are being extended to stop the practice!
  8. Was in a hotel carpark once and tried to sneak out after a car. Not a good idea, the boom gate hit me on the helmet as it came down.
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  9. Never had a problem. I've been really dodgy before too, gone out and come back in getting a new ticket for my friends in cars.
  10. Its not illegal to go round the gate unless you havent paid. They can take your plate but you have paid so what is the issue.
  11. I briefly declared a jhiad on the central market boom operators for getting cranky with me for riding around the gates, parking in a motorcycle park and paying the flat rate. Surely this practice is best for them as by taking a ticket the system thinks I am in a car and occupying a full space, simply and honestly paying gives them money on top of a full carpark.
    Not so apparantly.
    Now I just park in a car space.
    **** 'em.
  12. Parked on the street tonight near "up stairs at the gaelic" with no drama. Sydney city so no paying, close to a better bike for security and I'm home already. I was at a jazz gig so, as you can imagine, it was not a busy area.
  13. Me and my brother were in a car park once - The attendant came up to us and gave us a spiel about how it is fine to go around em if you feel confident too. He said the sensors don't even notice the bike is there so you cant pay for parking if you cant get a ticket.
  14. while my question was prompted by the suggestions i was reading at the time re kings cross carparks, the reason i asked it is because i'm constantly going into carparks that don't recognise i'm there. i never know what to do, so i try a few times and then go around the boom. on my way out, if i don't see an office or attendant i just leave without paying. then i spend 2 minutes being anxious about how i'm going to jail.
  15. I have been told also not to bother getting a ticket.

    I also have probably been around the gate at different westfield 100s of times both coming in and out and have never got a call from the police. Though i never use a spot and i never go over the "free" time. Got better things to do than shop. If the cops called i would say that there was no "gain" on my part as i didnt have to pay anything, therefore i have done nothing wrong.

    If i was in a park that had no free parking then i woukd pay as that would be stealing otherwise. If the ticket didnt come out press the button to call the attendant. They will probably just lift the gate for you remotely anyway when they see the line of cars banking uo behind you.
  16. If you enter a car park you agree with the entry terms and conditions and if you by pass the boom gate on exit you're breaching those terms and conditions so liable for any fees due and extra costs involved in collecting them.

    That said, is it worth the time and effort for them to chase it??
  17. Given most service stations already know its not worth the effort to chase down people (physically or through the police) for $50 worth of fuel I think your $10 parking fee would be even less worthwhile. But TBH I'm either happy to pay or look for park elsewhere.
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  19. Best of all, most boomgates I've seen (e.g. Brisbane Airport long-term parking, for example) warn that motorcycles, bicyclists and pedestrians should not attempt to "use" the boomgate, lest it smacks you in the face to amuse itself. Another good example of motorcyclists being forgotten in roads/road-related-area planning. :D
  20. mmm.. so hold up.. the carparks where you have to press the button to get a ticket... do they only dispense one if it senses a car there?