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Motorcycles ain't allowed in it...

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Gromit, Nov 28, 2006.

  1. Just like Nutbush...

    Homeowners in a gated community in California with 4200 residents have upheld a ban on motorcycles being ridden anywhere within the community.

    Ah, the land of the free! :roll:
  2. It is a gated comunity the whole idea is that you can restrict peoples behavior, and that is why people move into them.

    Now personaly I think they are the creation of paranoid morons, but if you move into one then you have to accept that you have just involved yourself in a self governing comunity that is likely to restrict what you can and can't do.

    As such... it is the land of the free... You are free to move out.
  3. the land (like this one here!) of the morons with super loud bikes who can't help but wank the throttle anywhere and everywhere, even at 2am, or do wheelies and high speed runs through residential zones.

    Why do you think these people want bikes out completely? Do you think they were born with bike hater disease, or someone/people did something to really get up em?

  4. On that note:
    Can the people doing wheelies up lygon st at night please stop.
    Do it during the day or at least b4 10pm or something.

    Other than it being bloody loud, it is likely to attract the attention of residents who will ask for greater police presence in the area, ruining it for everyone.
  5. Sure, it's a gated community and they can democratically decide whatever they like. That doesn't mean I have to think it's fair or reasonable, though.

    I don't like people who use noisy powertools early on a Sunday morning. Doesn't mean I think powertool use should be banned outright though - no matter how traumatised I may have been in the past by nasty inconsiderate DIY types.
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  6. Yeah, head on up to Brunswick where you can do 200kmh and nobody - not even the cops - will give a sh!t. At least that's how it seems to work... :?
    (I swear there was a Kwaka broke the sound barrier last night....)
  7. If it makes you feel any better Wayne, I've deliberately stopped wheelying past your house on my way home from rehearsals!
  8. This, I disagree with. People who want to wheelie up lygon and chappoo and acland and fitzroy street maaaate should continue to do so. The current situation (I know where the ginos go to do their stupid blockies and I can stay well away from them) is perfect.
  9. Go ahead and enjoy yerself, mate! Doesn't even register on the Missus' Bloodyhoon-o-meter in comparison with some of the locals...
    (Actually I reckon I can pick yours by sound now :wink: )
  10. To quote Rage Against The Machine "... whoever told you that is your enemy!"

    *sigh* Gotta love RATM!

    Anyway, back on topic.
    That's just stupid. :p
  11. Seeing as it's in America, I'm guessing the bikes were loud Harleys or something - which I can see being banned if they are being ridden around the community late at night/early morning.

    I would vote to ban dogs that don't shut-up when told, in my community.
  12. Ktulu's got a point, as with the valid point about a gated community. I think the problem with this present fiasco is that people bought into the complex and NOW a group of activists have changed the rules.... at least that's how I read it...
  13. That's not a community, it's quite a reasonably-sized town!

    That ammendment was a fair compromise.
  14. and I thought the lyric in Nutbush was "Motorcycle, lotta loud in it"
  15. I know its a late reply, but I s'pose they'll be banning pesky kids on skateboards and pushbikes next. Good luck to them in getting the thing changed to be a bit more open minded. theres NFW i'd leave a bike unattended in a public carpark, oh and trailoring it in and out? pah!
  16. Here you go:

  17. G'day everyone......

    I don't like those "Gated Communittee's" as a rule.
    But you are right,people have moved into them for one reason only to have some activist scocial engineer type change things and ruin it for everyone...

    If I remember rightly,.....these Gated areas were an idea to keep crime outside by monitoring who was comming and going etc.

    Stuff scocial engineering!!

    Dr Who?
  18. There's a dude who has a truck out the front of his house near my mums. I assume he does some type of construction. I just wish he wouldn't F*N CONSTRUCT IN HIS BACKYARD ALL DAY AND NIGHT EERY DAY
  19. All I need is one bolt of lightning and my beautiful creation shall LIVE.