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Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by Dylan05, Apr 9, 2012.

  1. I had decided on purchasing some aftermarket fairings and seeing as one of our vendors motorcyclefairingsRus.com was giving a discount for a review I bought them. http://www.motorcyclefairingsrus.co...lack-silver-edition-p-1245.html?cPath=5_29_30

    So 6 days for production and 5 for shipping with free delivery to Australia. Steve, the man, asks lots of questions which I like and has been very helpful so far. Update to follow

    Current bike looks like

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  2. Forgot to post the update. Received conformation and a tracking number, so far communication between both parties is good and production and postage are on time. Depending on Australia post in 5 days I should have my fairings.
  3. edit .............
  4. Fairings been sitting at Australia post since 21st should be getting delivered today
  5. Fairings received. Photos commenced
    PACKAGING:Australia Post delivered fairings. Box is damaged and I can see upper right hand fairing exposed with a nice chunk missing. Vented at the postal dude because as I watched him crash around the inside of the van and bang the box. The box is not really big enough for the fairings or maybe just the way it is packed, more care on behalf of the packers. Rang A post and let them know about the handling of items marked fragile, stickers should probably be in english though.
    Opened the box and removing items found the front front fender to be also damaged paint down to plastic, packaging again. Continued to remove and no more dramas. These damaged bits I should be able to patch and not see the difference.
    PAINTWORK: the paint is not too bad however it does have a very slight orange peel going through it on some small parts, different sprayers? light sand and polish should get them out. The decals are on and have a slight ridging along the paint and decal, to be expected. The fairings are only sprayed outside and the inside is the abs plastic with overspray including some fingerprints.
    OVERALL: pretty happy with the fairings way above what I expected for a set of $400 fairings arrived on time bit annoyed about the packaging though. Will do a image response soon and then another for fitting.

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  6. Looking forward to some pics!
  7. trying to figure how to upload them
  8. Have to resize images
  9. Just images from the unpack box stage

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  10. More to come without packaging later, some palstic<not the fairngs are a bit grotty

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  11. Fitted fairings today only a couple of minor things, one bolt hole not pre drilled, no bolts or any backing for bolts to thread into, used the ones off the old fairing . The original tail light bolts are the wrong size for the thread so found some of the right size. Aboloutley no dramas with the fairings lining up just fit like my OEM's. Did my patch ups on the scratched bits and no problems. The images are pretty crappy took with my phone about 5'ish

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  12. Very Happy

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  13. Damn, that looks awesome.
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  14. More pics from more angles please! :grin:

    Can you list some pros and cons about your whole experience?
  15. may wanna reduce your size of pics though.. or just link me to an offsite where I can browse through em thanks man! (y)
  16. Been away for abit will get some images up tomorrow if I figure how to resize
  17. Pro's
    Cheap, could choose any design/colours, good communication with motorcyclefairings, given good indication of timeframes on production and delivery. Happy with the paint job. fitment was pretty good only the rear light had different bolt sizes to oem.

    The packaging could be a bit more robust/larger box, bit more padding bubble wrap. Have the inside of the fairings sprayed the base colour.

    Very happy with the overall fitting and would definately buy from these guys again