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Motorcycle Wreckers and Refunds

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by rodgerdodger, Feb 8, 2006.

  1. While searching for a front brake caliper for my XL600R I recently bought an old XR caliper on the advice of a motorcycle wrecker. He wasn't 100% sure that it would fit the bike (being from a different line, capacity, and year), though he was reasonably confident it would. I ensured I got a receipt stating what I bought, the wreckers stamp and the price etc and was told I'd get an exchange or, failing that, a refund.

    Having discovered it in fact didn't fit I ended up getting the correct caliper from the previous owner (missing at the time I bought the bike). I asked for a refund the other day and was told I had to bring in the caliper I now have from the ex-owner as well as they frequently get ripped off by people replacing trashed stuff and then bringing it in and asking for a refund.

    This isn't the case here and I can understand how this would happen frequently and piss them off; the only reason I'm complaining about this is that it's a 45 minute drive both to and from the wreckers from my place and it's clear from the receipt that the caliper I was trying to return was the one I bought. After arguing for a short time (patiently and politely so that it's not an issue when I try and return it again) I left and decided to call the ACCC or Consumer Affairs Victoria (whichever would be able to inform me about this stuff).

    Before I get round to that I thought I'd ask if anyone here knows? As far as I know I think I was entitled to a refund - is this the case? Or is it fair for them to demand to see the other caliper as proof? If they can I'll happily take their caliper, and the correct one, back; it's just a pain having to make these trips and take the caliper off due to incorrect advice.


  2. Was the 'evidence' procedure part of the returns policy when you purchased the caliper? If not then they have no real 'right' to demand to see the other caliper your purchased.

    That said, don't make enemies with wreckers... as one day they'll be the only one in Australia with the part you want. :wink:
  3. You ARE entitled to the refund
    on the item it would have their writing usually (green or white paint ?ect)
    + you Do have a reciept

    they are being difficult,this is not fair nor the right thing to do to a customer


    it would be good if you would name them
    because the

    shame game causes them great pain

    as many of us won't go there
  4. Bit tricky..

    I worked in the returns dept at work for about a year, they dont deal in new goods so its a bit different, having said that they dont have to give you a refund at all.

    If they can provide you with the correct part, you may have to take it.
    Since thats not what theyre asking though, it does seem a little bit like theyre jerking you around for the sake of it.

    They may be within theyre rights to ask to see the caliper you have aquired from the previous seller, but its a lot of crap to go through on a simple return.

    If it were a half stuffed bike you purchased, and then tried to return, alarm bells would be ringing. But its only a brake caliper.

    You may not get anywhere with ACCC as they are there to protect the retailer as much as they are there to protect you. The laws in relation to refunds and exchange are fairly clear yet seem to be open to interpretation as well.

    If the part/product does not do what is advertised on the packaging you are entitled to an exchange or refund.
    If the part/product does not do what the salesperson told you it would, you are entitled to an exchange or refund.

    What the law does not say is that you dont automatically get the refund if you want it. The retailer can refuse to offer a refund provided they credit you the amount you have spent.

    Still, seems like your being jerked around for the sake of it.