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Motorcycle workshop plug

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by dezmonster, Oct 14, 2009.

  1. This morning I was doing a oil/filter change and rounded off the nut on the filter IDIOT !!!
    Phoned up Arthur at Motorcycle Weaponry in Mona Vale Sydney's Nth Beaches.
    Arthur "whack the old oil back in bring it around and Ill crack it for you"
    As he is working at cracking the filter I mention to him that my clutch needs bleeding as there is some air in the hydro line and when can I book it in?
    Without batting an eye he bleeds it and tops up the fluid "NO CHARGE"
    So: a blatant plug for good old fashion service , no wonder MOTORCYCLE WEAPONRY are always so busy .
    Worth a look if you live Nth side.

  2. Yep, they've bailed me out of trouble when I've noobed things up before too. I choose to not take my bike anywhere else for a service.

    FYI, hammering an old screwdriver into the oil filter would have saved you the trip.
  3. Nice to hear this sort of thing still exists today!
    Well Done.

    BTW .. buy yourself a cheap oil filter tool ..Sam's Warehouse around 10 bucks :wink:
  4. The seatbelt-strap type works well, can do all sizes and wont scratch anything.
  5. I have one for my car but the filter on the Ducati is burried into the sump and to close to the header pipe to get any leverage
    cheers anyway
    Like the idea of the hammer and screwdriver though .
  6. I've never needed to use this trick, but I've heard it will work well in most cases. But if the filter is really stuck on, then you will twist the filter housing to shreds, without undoing anything - and then you have an even bigger problem. So only use it as a last resort...
  7. I'd sack whoever put the filter on that tight in the first place, including yourself!

    +1 on the screw driver, just not too close to the sump though.
  8. My bike is at Motorcycle Weaponary at the moment. They are very busy. I have been very happy with them in the past.