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Motorcycle Wheel Chock

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Justin Stacks, Feb 22, 2014.

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    Just looking for some opinions and thoughts for a motorcycle wheel chock.

    Will be looking to secure it to the floor of my trailer. I already have a Torque chock installed, but need one more so I can tow two bikes. My mate just purchased a Kaneg, but I came across this Platinum chock ($125) which looks pretty good because it has rings on the bottom of the chock to secure the ties. It's also cool that you can pick which colour you'd like - red, blue, KTM Orange and if I purchase one, I'll be purchasing a Kawasaki green!

    Does anyone own this chock, or have suggestions for any other brands they own?

    $(KGrHqFHJBkFJvoT+gm4BSe3EotYkQ~~48_20.JPG $(KGrHqF,!lcFJ6nR)Z9BBSe3EUdrKg~~48_20.JPG $T2eC16RHJGUFFh0GbfEtBSe3D778k!~~48_20.JPG
  2. I've got one like it, mines Aussie made, they work well. Hey really handy at the track if you leave it set up in the garage just ride the bike in get off and thend put rear race stand in. I love mine and use it to check oil and when cleaning.
  3. I think this is Aussie made too. The guy selling them is here in Sydney, but I'll ask where it is made
  4. This is mine
  5. It's adjustable between 16 to 18 inch wheels
  6. Mate - how much did you pay for yours and where'd you buy it?

    I just rang the guy that sells these Platinum ones and he said it's made in China. Not sure if I want to trust my bike in a poorly constructed China made chock.
  7. Supercheap Auto do one thats just as good, adjustable for 16-21 inch wheels, and is $50 when on sale, and I think $80 normally
  8. I'm gonna have a look at SC for mine. Radum "sell" one for around $60. I say "sell" bc I've had conflicting advice as to whether they'll get any more in, and they're currently out of stock. They sell another longer one for around $88, but I don't need it that long; I'd have to cut some of it off.
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