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Motorcycle wet weather suit

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by mattb, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. I want this so badly!

    Oh, and I love the unrelated face masks. And the fact that you can take a shit just anywhere!

  2. I laughed hard, thinking how ridiculous this suit is !!!!
    That is, until I saw the bird slide in the back...now that changed things a little ;)

  3. She kind of turned me off at 1:40.

    Not motorcycle related, but I am awed at all these inventions I'm coming across tonight: http://youtu.be/kUKW1i5ymw0
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  4. that plus the elmo helmet
    christmas wishlist sorted.
  5. This proves to me that
    1: anyone can look like a wanker
    2: they make dutch ovens in asia
    3: his girlfriend lives in a box somewhere where she doesnt even have her own toilet

    I do like how compact that 2 person tent folds away tho lol
  6. got to hand it to them though, it does look convenient and you could even get a little jiggy jiggy ;)............................im a fan.
  7. japan must be the world champion country for idiotic inventions
  8. If a scooter rider shits by the side of the road, and no-one can see... did it even happen? :-s
  9. I thought the vending machines with female panties was erm.... 'interesting'...maybe not idiotic... but I know exactly what you mean hornet

  10. Errrr she didn't use any toilet paper!!
  11. Possibly, but I fail to see the relevance since they are speaking Chinese. :angel:

    My guess is Taiwan or somewhere in Southern China because of the lush rice paddies.
  12. Yes, when I first watched it I thought, "What the **** traumatised these people so much?" An atomic bomb would have been a handy explanation, except they're speaking Chinese. All those ssh ssh cssh sounds.
  13. i couldn't stop laughing, from when he attatched himself to the scooter, the toilet stop was just golden, and sars masks just completely sold it
  14. That hilarious=D>
  15. Oh darn, I've already got my Xmas prezzie..! :facepalm: