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Motorcycle Weaponry

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by ad91on, Jun 28, 2011.

  1. Had the VFR at Motorcycle Weaponry today at Mona Vale just to get a quick fix on a snapped gear shifter and a few fairing bolts.

    I turned up unannounced in the middle of the day, walked in, spoke with a bloke who said it'd all be done by 2:30pm, said he would call.

    Didn't call but that wasn't a big deal, i went and got the bike around 5pm and was pleasantly surprised to see that Holy Shit, that shifter looks better than new!

    As you may or may not know getting parts for a VFR400 is a bit of a shit, so the bloke drilled out what was left of the shifter, threaded it, put a good shiny looking nut and bolt through it, taped it with gear tape rubbery stuff and hey, i was very impressed with the quality and fit of it!

    And the new fairing screws were done, which was nice considering those kind of things generally get looked over.

    All in all was $65 which I'm cool with considering that I came in unannounced and it was all done real quick and nice.

    Heartily Recommended. Will be going back there again. :D
  2. x2 - they are good people to deal with...
  3. Been getting my stuff done there for a while now, excellent guys there, can't recommend them enough (y)
  4. Just picked my bike up from these guys again.

    God they're good.

    Finished a week early, phone call on my day off to come pick the bike up (which was nice, don't know how they knew it was my day off, perhaps coincidence) and had a nice chat about the bike and other stuff that needs doing and what the best way to do them would be.

    Had my stator rewound and replaced. While working on it they found a few little things which needed doing and alerted me to them.

    Wasn't cheap really, around $570 including labour and parts, but god i'm just happy the VFR is back on the road!

    Lovely, lovely chaps.
  5. another +1 vote to these guys, took the hornet in to get its rear brake lever adjusted, i turned up randomly and they did it on the spot for free in about 15 mins.

    Highly recommended
  6. I get my bike serviced at Motorcycle Weaponary. I am due for another serviced in 1500km. They are great.
  7. i came here expecting all kinds of two wheeled air-powered destruction devices...

    I was sadly disappointed.
  8. Ditto.
    I was having a laugh with a mate yesterday about various types of anti-cager weaponry.
    Cap guns, spray paint and an aerosol can and lighter were some of the things that were (jokingly) suggested.
  9. Same here but what about this Motorcycle Weaponry?? :D


    Sorry - Off Topic. But there is a Motorcycle & there is Weaponry.
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