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Motorcycle vs Turkey (the bird, not the country)

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by JimmyD, Aug 17, 2011.

  1. would suck to be him...

  2. Bloody hell!
  3. At least it will taste better than wombat..
  4. I could be wrong, but I think if he'd ducked and kept off the brakes, he could have ridden that out.

    I've seen a wallaby jump off the top of a cutting, about 4 ~ 5m deep, and land on the fueltank of an SR500, then scrabble around for purchase and JUMP. The bike gave a big wobble and came to a stop. It broke the rider's arm, both radius and ulna. His left arm was visibly bent half way between the wrist and the elbow. He put it back in gear and rode twenty miles to the Kempsey base hospital. The bike didn't crash.

    One of the top racers, Michael Dowson I think it was, had the hugest most violent tank slapper at turn 1 at Oran Park, stayed on, toured around the rest of the lap and came in. Broken wrist.
  5. not fun, stupid birds deserves to go straight into the frying pan.
  6. looks like it hit in the arm/shoulder/head area. you can see that he gets knocked off the bike before the bike even hits the ground. may have even hit the handlebars. that would be a bit of countersteering haha.

    and theres not alot of room to be ducking on a motard. if you can get below the handlebars then you are some sort of flexible freak short person.

    dunno about you but taking a 10kg bird hit at 120km/h isn't going to end well.
  7. damn that'd suck! hope he was alright.

    i think last year haga hit a bird in one of the superbike races? cant remember if he got injured or not though...
  8. Shit if that were me and I was okay after it's be BBQ that night for sure.

    Easy to say he could have gotten through it, much harder to actually do it.
  9. Yeah he was alright, at the end of the video you can see him walk over to the bike and pick it up.
  10. i can see that, hopefully he didnt break anything etc
  11. That just pain written all over it!
  12. ah ok, figured you missed it, I know I could've easily missed it on the first viewing
  13. There was an even better one, but I'm not going to try and tell it because I don't know all the details, but one of the Paris - Dakar riders, won it once in the real early days and came back after several years away, and broke his ankle on day 2, and I mean destroyed it! Wouldn't take the boot off, wouldn't quit. Eventually they picked him up on day 5 in the sweeps. He'd crashed because he'd fainted from the pain, and couldn't get the bike back up on its wheels. His boot was brown and wet and stinking and there was the this brown ooze coming through the leather. They had to fight him to get him into the ambulance. He didn't want to drop out.

    There are some hard men in this world. I'm not one of them but I've seen a few. Mick Doohan comes to mind. People talk about how brave the mighty Vale was coming back from his broken leg, and I don't belittle that at all, but it's nothing to what Doohan went through. A story stays with me, told by one of the journos, Dave Emmet perhaps, I forget, of the characteristic sounds of the GP circus through Saturday night. The drinking, the singing, the crashes and bangs, music playing. Mechanics starting up bikes to check something, a fight here and there. People having sex. Slowly the noise dies down until about 4am race day everything's quiet, and then you hear bump - flap - bump - flap ... What the hell is that? So you stick your head out to look, and there's Mick Doohan in a T-shirt and shorts, hardly able to walk but he's jogging. The look on his face would peel paint and the eyes would knock you over at half a mile. He's training, because come hell or high water, seven days a week, a racer trains. A couple of weeks later at another track and the same scene repeats itself. He said it made you realise why one man was head and shoulders above everybody else - because he wanted it more. Because he was stronger and tougher and more determined and prepared to go another inch or another mile or whatever it took. Whatever you can do, I can do harder.
  14. There sure are, cue the watch seen from pulp fiction.
  15. It'd suck more to be the turkey.
  16. same guy about 15mins after the turkey incident.

    seems he was ok.