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Motorcycle Vs. Car Drifting

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Lucius, Jan 20, 2011.

  2. any one can drift a car

    very few can drift a bike without high siding
  3. In the words of Turbonegro; I got erection.
  4. In the wet from just a quick throttle jab I've kicked the rear out a couple times, not by much but its still insanely fun. Gets the blood flowing nicely too

    Would love to get some stunting lessons in the future and do it properly

    Also in that vid, if you watch it in the highest resolution available and pause at a few spots theres some great wallpaper opportunities
  5. hahaha...yeah right.
  6. that was awesome!! does the extended swingarm make it easier??
  7. I was wondering what the effects of having that are as well...
  8. like this ?

    Attached Files:

  9. Ahhh the screenshots are perfect!! Cutting out that god awful sound they have crammed in that RX-7!! :( Blasphemy!! (I still love the rx-7 & v8's but both alone... mazdas should only ever have rotors in 'em!

    An awesome video though, both got skills but you rarely see a bike getting that kind of action! :|
  10. ahahhah loving the tags.

    i had a bit of an orgasm.

    Oh and i watched the video too, it was pretty cool. Glad i watched in hi-res.

    note to self - convince someone in a car to do that with me on the way home from work.
  11. Allows him to open it right up and spin the rear without popping a wheelie: basically the same principle as a drag bike.
  12. My favourite demotivational:


    Might have something to do with the bike being very similar to my old one...
  13. Id say that the extended swingarm gives more stability.
  14. more stops you throwing the front wheel at the clouds