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MotorCycle Vloggers Roll Call

Discussion in 'Video Logging' at netrider.net.au started by Takamii, Jan 14, 2010.

  1. Okay Motorcycle vloggers roll call

    let us know where you are and the name of your youtube channel

    I will start

    My channel is MotoLegion
    My Location is Canberra

    Was thinking of doing a vloggers rubber chicken relay for Australia

    One vlogger starts with a rubber chicken and films it in a place that identifies where he/she is from

    Then the idea is to meet up with the next vlogger closest to you and hand off the chicken to them who then does the same and so on - eventually it would be nice to see the rubber chicken go on a global trek with a video record of its travels and end up home.
  2. Maybe you could get into commercial tv with ideas like that.
  3. Nah - it would be more shitty reality TV LOL

    But thanks ( if its not sarcasm )

    no other vloggers ? :(
  4. I..... Watch some Vlogging, as of the other day. There are some Aussie Vloggers here on www.motovlog.com
  5. Thank you Andy Roo
  6. I MUST be getting old; YMGU, what the heck is a vlogger???
  7. Well you take Blogging (as weird or boring as it may be for some, it's actually very popular), and you get on a bike and jam a video camera in your helmet.

    Video+blogging=Vlogging. In this case as it's on a bike, they call in MotoVlogging.
  8. Hornet a vlogger is a video logger -- like a blogger but uses video and voice rather than the written word

    Motorcycle vlogger is someone that does it while cruising around on their bike
  9. no good for me, then, all you'd get would be stills :rofl:
  10. Might make for a nice slide night though?
  11. ashf00t: vlogger, GSX650F rider and a real certified female! From USA though, so don't get too excited :)
  12. Not sure if I want to give police a running commentary of my traffic violations in a neat youtube package.

    Nonetheless, can you give some details on your vlogging setup please? I was very impressed with the audio and video quality of your $25 recording ($25 for the camera+mic, $25 for the storage setup [8Gb memory]).
  13. Only stuff I have seen anyone doing after watching more Vlogs than I'd like to admit, has been quite a lot of filtering and splitting, and have seen a lot of retards in cars in those vids too.

  14. well I guess if you go riding to break the law sure you are correct

    although some people enjoy the ride without the need for warp speed

    plus what goes on you tube is only what a aperson puts there -- so if said person wants to show how small their brain is by posting a video doing200kph + -- well they are an idiot

    as for the helmet camera do a search on "$50 helmet camera "

    The filtering and splitting though may be legal in their area or accepted like mordeth13 in Taiwan ( the godfather of vlogging) --- look at the traffic and how everyone rides there --- so when in rome do as the romans - I made emntion in one of my videos why I didnt fileter because its illegal in my state.

    My latest test just shows a camry wagon about to turn in front of me at a set of lights and a cab driver pulling out from a cab rank in front of me -- as I was doing UNDER the speed limits and was observant/defensive I could account for it -- doesnt mean I was happy about them doing it though

    I like the fact that the vloggers show their cities and towns across the world from a real everyday perspective rather than some scripted documentary or some "I'm an attention whore" reality show
  15. "I think the people around me are gonna wonder 'What's this guy pointing at, waving his... waving his arms around so much', they're gonna think I'm a nutter"

    Can't see your arms from the vidcam except when you're parking the bike :)
  16. yeah its the effnik in me talking with my hands lol

    plus I am new and have much to learn and practice to do the following

    make the videos look good
    make the videos interesting

    mordeth13 would get over 200,000 views on a 5 minute vlog - not bad for a canadian living in Taiwan --- still he is entertaining - talking about many issues etc - well I think he is --- sure beats the shit out of the crap on TV in my opinion
  17. No need to be aggressive. I'm thinking about vlogging my scooter commute from the eastern suburbs through the CBD to Lane Cove for shits and giggles. Your rant about doing 200kph is uncalled for.

    Sydney traffic would make you split, who wants to have to crawl through 3km of stuck traffic because a test match is finishing up at Moore Park. Not me mate.
  18. The only aggression is that which you are mistakenly seeing or interpreting

    we all know of idiots uploading films of excessive speed and being caught for it --- I am just stating my position that that sort of person is an idiot. I would think it very unlikely and unlucky should the police use youtube video to come after you or failing to indicate or some minor traffic offence like that.

    Let me know when you set up so I can subscribe to your channel

    I have a feeling vlogging is going to take off more and more

    here is a web site motovlog.com that may interest you

    as for the splitting/filtering - honestly I agree with you but (shrugs) " the man " says its a no no
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  20. I watch mostly Aussie Vlogs, and all of them I've watched have been in Vic, NSW and one in QLD. One of which, splitting in Melbourne and realized he was about to split between a cop car.

    As for speeding, Vloggers are there to talk, not show us all how fast their bike can go. The faster they ride, the less time they have to talk, and they know that.