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Motorcycle Video Cameras

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by StemCell00, Apr 30, 2009.

  1. Hello to all.

    I am planning on a 2-4 week cruise around Southern NSW/Victoria in October/November on my old Honda CX500 and was toying with the Idea of creating a video diary and mounting a camera on the bike through some of the scenic sections.

    Does anyone have any recommendations on cameras, mounting setups etc.

    Am I right in assuming that I will need a camera that is designed for this (eg stronger lense incase of stone chips, able to handle the road vibrations etc, a mounting bracket of some sort)

    Thanks for any advice you may have.
  2. Do a google search. You'll find there are several type of mounting brackets with a lock screw thread for most camera / video cameras. Its like a tripod mount.

    Some models can be fixed to your fuel cap bracket (existing screws with rubber seperators) or a suction cap version (not recommended).

    They are usually about $90 to $250. Depending on models.

    Also check out ebay :wink:
  3. Don't use the suction cap ones... i found out why they hard way...
  4. I was also thinking about buying a video camera to attach to the bike in the near future. I was going to buy one of the ATCK3 ones, but The only mount that seems sensible for a helmet is the strap, but if you have a visor you can't put it all the way down.

    I don't know what to do. Was also looking at one of those Hero cameras but they look a bit big and bulky.


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    I built one of those racks as above and screwed my Sony Cybershot on it. The bits cost about $20 from Bunnings. It worked pretty well.
    Here's the result (shame I only have a night test so far): [media=youtube]aqp4gM5RhPo[/media]

    I also got a big sponge (like you wash a car with), about an inch wide all around the camera and cut relevant slots/holes in it, which reduced the wind noise greatly.
    But it seems like you guys are looking at less-ghetto options :]
  6. search for a camera called "GoPro", they seem to be the number one camera these days
  7. I have a GoPro camera and have placed a mount on top of my helmet for it. The mount is quite rugged and the protective case is the same.
    The video footage is quite good ( 58 mins fits onto a 2GB SD card ) but the sound of the wind rushing past the mic once I get up to speed is not much fun.
    But you can set them to photo mode where it takes a picture once every five seconds like this:


  8. I will recommend that you try a mini camera with a/v input and get an external camera.

    I saw this guy with a setup where he put the camera in a hard case, the camera is powered by external lithium batteries (also in the case), with a sony hi res external cam he uses a LANC controller to turn the camera on/off and there is a led on the lanc controller which tells him if the unit is on/off.

    he uses a backpack that has mic located in the straps. and he says that it actually cuts wind noise very well. he uses them on bike. I think that he mention that the backpacks are something that they use in the military.

    Its a very handy setup where you do not have to access the bag for long periods.
  9. If you want to do serious helmetcam video, it looks to me like there's only one proper bit of gear at the moment, the VIO POV systems. Bit expensive but the footage is stunning.
  10. Hey Vic those pics look great.
    For the wind noise try putting sponge around the mic, it works really well.
    (I use quite a bit ca. 3cm of car-washing i.e. not dense sponge)
  11. One bit of advice I can offer for mounting cameras onto vehicles:

    * The stiffer and shorter the camera mount is, the better.
    * The lighter the camera itself is, the better.

    Particularly if much of the bike will be visible in-frame.

    The reason for this is, if you have a heavy (300-400 gram) camera on an 8" long boom mount for example, every single time your bike/car hits a ripple in the road, the car/bike will jolt once but the camera will vviibbrraattee oonn iittss mmoouunntt ffoorr aa mmoommeenntt.

    It'll look much smoother if you have a very short, stiff mount, or a lightweight camera - ideally, both.
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    Haha, i did the same thing!!!

    Here's mine, now i've got the camer fixed horizontal, im racing tonight so thats why i did it, i put a camera sock over it when im not using it.
    DIY, cost me nothing, scraps in the garage. Works a treat :grin:
  13. Hi mate, I haven't got any advice re video cameras, but I commend your choice of bike! Sounds like a fun project, hope you have a good time!

    Travel safe & don't forget to post your exploits up on here so that we may live vicariously through your experiences.

    Oh, & post a pic of your bike if you've got one handy! :grin:
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    i just bought a camera mount from starrider in ormond for $65 (can buy online too) that attaches to the fuel tank surroung bolts, and attached a mini dv camera to it.

    seems to work well, not weather proof or anything though.

    heres a sample clip:

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  16. Can you fit a bigger SD card into the GoPro?
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    awesome day that was. im pretty sure thats me at 6:55 :LOL:
    damn i miss reefton. been too long, and it wont look that beautiful for a long time :cry:
  18. No, the maximum that the manufacturer says will work is a 2GB SD card.
    58 mins of video and sound at 3MP recording is pretty good. Alternatively on 5 second photo mode, you get over 4,000 images which is a lot and is pretty good without spending a small fortune on a better camera.
  19. Flux that's an awesome vid .....
    also the fly-bys .... ah the sound of bikes in the hills ....
    definitely influencing my preferences for the "off-restrictions" bike ..... lovely ....