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Motorcycle values & the Australian economy

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by RRdevil, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. So peter stevens had a triumph tiger 800xc i was interested in and i was in there yesterday. Enquired about the bike and possible px value of my fireblade (2012 cbr1000rr) now my bike has 1700km on the clock and i was informed that peter stevens could purchase a brand new fireblade for them to sell for $13k so my bike was worth $10k trade. Yet a new fireblade on the road is around $17.5k thats a profit margin of $4.5k so even though the equivalent bike is $13.5k in the US and our dollar is sticking above parody (it was 105 us cents yesterday) we are still getting ripped off by these dealers who are making bigger profit margins. So we in this country are very well getting bent over and rammed hard up the rectum by these dealers who should be discounting these bike prices based on the parody. Funny thing though the dealer had the audacity when i said that i would private sell my bike that the market even for new bikes is slow. I nearly felt like saying to the dealer they were quiet because they are ripping people off with their bike prices. Anyway on another note went for a quick ride this morning amd.not.sure about selling now

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  2. A couple of things.

    Firstly, what would you suggest we do about getting ripped of the by the dealers.

    Secondly, I find it strange that a salesman would tell you what he did, even if it was true (which unless the bike trade has changed a lot in the last 7 years I doubt it is). If I was the dealer principle he wouldn't have a job for very long.

    Thirdly, why would you even consider selling a bike with only 1700km on it? That's just bizzare.

    Edit. there is no doubt we are getting ripped of in this country, but it's not buy the dealers, it's buy the importers/distributors.
  3. He stated exactly what they buy them for $13k. I have no reason to lie about what i was told. And i consider selling a bike with 1700km on it for a change in scenery. I want to go off road riding with a dual purpose bike. But hey i didnt know i had to justify my purchases to you. The guy was being honest in what they could offer trade for my bike compared to what they pay for a new bike on the floor. And the rip off is by the dealers now. The imported price to the shop was $13k when it used to be around $15k. Sorry mick but you dont know everything amd i dont appreciate you stating that im lying
  4. And finally ive bought 5 bikes from them so have quite a good relationship with them. They dont bullshit me. Oh and btw the offer came from the dealer principal. But you know youre still right mick my personal experience must be wrong ffs
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    Sorry it came across that I was calling you a liar. I was meaning the salesman was probably not telling you the truth.

    I was merely curious as to why someone would only own a bike for 1700km, is all.
  6. Jesus mate, what did you expect?

    If you want top dollar, sell it privately. If you want it sold quick, be prepared to accept a lower price.

    Also; parity, not parody, & their profit margin is not $4.5K. Rent, wages, insurance, finance costs & various other overheads take care of that.
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    Do you realise how much of the $4.5k difference between the (claimed) dealer's purchase price and on-road price is taxes and government charges? There's 10% GST ($1300), stamp duty ($700), registration and TAC ($800), which adds up to a hefty $2800. That leaves a bit over $1500 for profit and price negotiation wiggle room. Not really a huge amount on an expensive bike.

    For comparison, US prices are always quoted without any taxes or dealer delivery charges. British prices include higher taxes (17.5% VAT instead of 10% GST) but no equivalent of state government stamp duty, no equivalent of TAC or CTP, and annual rego fees are a lot lower.
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  8. Firstly, if you are willing to exchange money in return for goods then it is fundamentally not a rip off. No one is forcing you to buy.
    Secondly, it's Honda, which stopped being about the motorbike since the second or third fireblade was released.
    Thirdly, the fireblade will have a much larger profit margin because it's their flagship and will sell more than any other save the 250 (which you can be guaranteed also has a comfortable profit margin). The other bikes will have profit margins of about 1k at a guess. Margin for husq te310 is approximately $500.
  9. I was always told there is very little money in selling bikes....

    The cost to buy and hold bike stock from the parent company very significantly gouges the profit margin in the end sale........I may be wrong - just always thought this was the case....

    The only way to make money in being a bike trader/dealer is to service bikes, after-sale purchases and accessories....Oh....and lots of each.

    My 2c.....
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  10. +1 to importers and distributers.

    but even on that side, the govt taxing the shit out of everything and adding ADR costs doesn't help.
    when we get Parity they can't just drop the price or you'd whinge even more. How would you feel if you bought a bike for $15k when the dollar was $0.60 then they dropped the new price and you lost a packet cause people could now buy them new for $10k.... so the dealer offerred you $5k trade. they have to SLOWLY bring the price down, or release new models with new pricing...
  11. Doesnt sound unreasonable to me. These guys are in business to make money. The costs of operating a business nthese days are horendous, its so scary that many are just closing the doors and walking away..
    Dont be a tight arse Devil, go spend some money, do your bit for the economy ;)
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  12. Take it....I would of only offered you $7K for it. It is a last years sportsbike, no one wants last years model, those 2012 graphics are so Gangnam style.

    Oh and it is parity not parody. It takes away from your rant if it is too obvious you don't know what you are talking about.

    Seriously but you would be better off keeping the CBR and getting a real dual sport like a DR650 or a DRZ400 or a XR to go with it. The tiger is mostly for riders that don't do many kms and just have a bike for show, its really too heavy.
  13. Haha last years model is same as this years model. From your previous posts on other subjects and bikes you are a tight arse anyway. And last years graphics are gangnam style...lol. suppose thats like me saying anything YOU ride is retarded just because YOU are the pilot.
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  14. Sorry the gangnam style comment was a joke, I thought that was obvious (especially since you are right because I am riding around on a 2006 not 2012 sportsbike with "sexyback" graphics).

    Seriously put it on ebay on an auction and you will get more than $10K. I think $14-15 is more likely (depending on how much rego/tyres are left).
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  16. I will always renew a rego for a buyer. I feel its part of any deal. Tires are okay i havent been that hard on them. They are starting to chew up though. Ill probably keep it now anyway. Ebay can be a prick for final sale fees. What are you riding anyway vert c? And yes i understand there are overheads in any business but they are not the buyers problem and work out well for most businesses come tax time. I would not care if bikes dropped price overnight i could go buy the tiger tomorrow with cash but just cant justify two bikes in the shed. I think this is my coming of age and insteas of scratchign everywhere and track days want to focus on touring. Looking at doing the old ghan line on bike with another mate.
  17. You might get closer to $15K then, sell it privately then you can shop with cash or even buy one interstate, that is how these dealers are going to get competitive.

    Selling motorbikes on ebay is fixed cost, I think $8 for listing and $40 if it sells. It is definitely not a percentage like on normal items I have sold a few bikes on ebay some for more than I paid.

    My current bikes are to the right under my name (my sportsbike is a 2006 ZX6 which is why I was kidding that yours is so old).

    Ghan line sounds cool, I didn't know that you could ride that.
  18. Yeah i use tapatalk and cant see bikes owned. You can ride some of it. Other parts we can follow close to the new line
  19. we get ripped off because our government continues to allow monopoly practises from importers. In this day and age it should not be so complicated to import motorcycles into a country for sale that it requires the services of a pointless middleman to do little more than receive a couple of containers and jack the price up. Government regulations should not be so complex that they require the formation of entire industries to manage these regulations.

    Its 2013, maybe in the old days when information was hard to access there was justification for professional regulation translators, these days its just a scam. i should be able to log into Honda USA buy a fireblade and get it chucked in a container and floated over here.

    All this shit in the news about how businesses rip off Australians is complete bullshit, its the government that causes this with their huge amounts of bullshit crap any business has to deal with, time is money, that shit takes time, that money comes from us.
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  20. The other thing to consider is when a dealer 'buys' a bike it is usually using finance to do so.
    They are paying interest on that line of credit so a quick sale and turnover is idea.
    A bike sitting on the floor as the new model arrives is virtually a liability. (And a great time to go bike shopping)
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