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Motorcycle Users Group

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by forester_neil, Sep 14, 2005.

  1. Howdy all,

    I can vaguely remember a thread a while ago about how many bikes rode to work, and how often...

    I work for the government (yeah, scoff all you like!) and there are several riders in the building, and even more statewide. I'd like to kick start a Motorcycle Users Group here, since the BUG has a strong voice and motorcyclists and motorcycluist issues get ignored (in true government style!).

    There are a few good issues to provide a start (parking and access to lockers for starts!) and the oportunity to link riders statewide for rides and location information (like the best bakeries in town!)

    Has anyone here got any experience at starting such a group for lobby/ride purposes, and what's been your success?

    Thanks for your help, cheerio,

  2. Who'd be a MUG then?

  3. More seriously, I gather you are talking about a lobby group for people who ride to work (work to ride).

    Who would you lobby?

    I don't have a problem. I park 3 metres from the door of my building, and have ample space to store stuff, but have no problem working in commuting gear.
  4. Mike,

    That's right. Thankfully, on thing bureaucracy has is loads of managers! I'm invisaging the ability to lobby both building managers, and upper management (heads of department etc).

    One thing going for me is that riding is an environmentally friendly activity (well, more than cars, less than pushies) so it should get the nod provided requests are phrased in terms on environmental benefits and increasing safety!



    PS Environmentally friendly until I ride one of the portable oil slicks in!
  5. Um sorry for stating the obvious here but um hello
    What your planing or what your trying to get going is already covered here on NETRIDER and MRAA etc etc

    :-k :facepalm:
  6. Bob,

    All well and good, and sure, many issues are covered by both organisations, but they aren't necessarily site specific.

    The department I work for put in place many places for bicycle parking, but only allowed for 2 motorcycle parking spots, in line and very poorly placed. Lockers installed for cyclists are too short and narrow for helmets and gear (and now with the latest paranoia regarding possible attacks, being removed...)

    There is ample scope within the building and department to improve facilities for motorcyclists, and provide a further resource for motorcyclists if some links are created.

    To enable this work, a smaller, more focused group would provide a better way forward for the site while being able to draw on the help and experience provided by both the MRAA and Netrider.


  7. I understand where your coming from but perhapes you would be better of emailing or talking to your fellow riders where you work, and getting together and aproaching your bosses as a group ?

    I talked to my boss here and now have a 'special' spot out in the warehouse.
    Back when I was in the navy down at Cerberus all us bike riders got together and aproached the powers to be, there is now specific bike spots next to every major building on that base and alot of others as well........
    Why ? Bc we asked through the right chanels !

    A lobby group of strangers to your work and workplace my have the oppisite effect to what you want to achieve ?
  8. Bob,

    I think I've found the source of confusion. This group could be only for those that work within the Department (and maybe later other government departments), as there are needs here that are quite specific. I didn't mean to infer a larger group of riders external to the workplace! Interesting thought though....

    So, how did you get that "first contact" going? Email won't work well here since broad-scale emails are frowned upon. So far I was thinking of just prinitng out a short note and placing it on the individual bikes, and then maybe some notices on some notice boards around the place to capture inconsistent riders.

    What do you think?

    Again, sorry for the confusion!


  9. Well back in 82 shhhhhh makes me feel old 8)

    no such thing as email etc , so it started over a few drinks at the 'wets' [on base bar]
    then it went up on the base notice board, and notes on bikes as they appeared.

    Then when we had enough bikes to be noticed we put in a request to our divisional officer etc etc , and then up the chain of command till we got to see the XO ( btw he rode to so we had some sympathy towards us )

    But basically all gov depts are the same, go through the right channels and dont step on any toes and it can be done.

    Here at my work was easy, " Hey Allen can I park my bike in the warehouse?" .... " yep just as long as its not in the way"
    "cool ta "

  10. Bob,

    A chain of command...now that would be nice! At least in the current lack-of-budget climate, there's not much chance of stepping on toes. I'm thinking that the notice board would be best for regional riders, while a note might be the best way to get the city folk involved.

    Thanks for the help! Now all I have to do is battle the general apathy of my fellow riders. Maybe cake and beer...


  11. Gotta love small business policy decisions... :LOL:
  12. you served on the Cerberus? damn you are old! :p :LOL:
  13. ROLF yah mon , I was chief rust inspector

    you know the saying ......

    paint it white or grey
    if it moves ........
    shoot it , then paint it
  14. Funny thing is - people seem to complain on line but don't do anything. If you PM me the details and contacts I'm very happy to send off an official letter from the MRA saying that it has come to our attention etc. etc. and politely requesting that they make accommodation for motorcyclists as well as bicycles. We can do it without mentioning who approached us.

    (we'll even do it if you're not a member... :LOL: )

    We're happy to take up individual issues if people get in touch. There's a few on the go at the moment...

  15. Spoken in the best traditions of BMW riders...
    (we ride to eat... unofficial motto of the BMWMCCVIC)

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  16. Tony,

    Thanks for the offer, but at this stage I think I'd prefer to keep it low key and start the ball rolling internally.

    There are very few official policies regarding motorcycle use and parking that it would be easier to dump the whole situation (ie park on the footpath and under the building, only allow departmental vehicles to be used on departmental business etc) than accept and embrace an alternate method of transport.

    I would be intersted to see the wording, so I can plagiarise it later! (After all, I do work for government!)

    The hardest part is keeping up to date with the bakeries/eateries/pubs, and ensuring quality. For example, the Marysville bakery is all well and good, but there's a great little cafe up the road a bit called Fragas who does the best steak "baguettes", real French fries and salad! And the best deep fried chicken in central Victoria in Alexandra has gone, however the Chinese restaurant in Daylesford is just as good as it always was.....


  17. As do I :roll:
    a few of us here have looked at that as well but since we've got plenty of close little-used footpath space it hasn't gone far.

    I'll dig out one of the letters I've sent off and send it on (I might leave the organisation name off it though )

  18. Tony,

    Many thanks - the footpath space outside Nicholson Street is rapidly filling!


  19. It'll need to wait till tomorow - I don't have a copy here...
  20. (OT) So do you call group rides "MUGGY"?? Motorcycle User Group Going Yonder?? :p :LOL: