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Motorcycle Unfriendly Towns and Regions?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Sir Ride Alot, Feb 21, 2010.

  1. Fellow Riders,

    Today was a sad day as I rode the Reefton Spur only to find the limit was truly reduced from 100kph to 80kph.

    We spoke to three policemen that setup radar around the half way mark. We asked why the reduction? One officer said because he personally asked for it. The reason being 17 air lifts all up including two last year.

    He penalised thousands of law abiding safe riding/driving Victorian citizens for 17 incidents including only two last year. Of these incidents how many were self inflicted and would this minority have adhered to the speed limit regardless of what it was?

    Once again,

    There are 3.7 million licensed riders and drivers in Victoria. Over 95% of these people are good safe drivers yet an extremely small minority is dictating policy to the majority. Is Victoria still a democratic capitalistic State?

    A road has its speed limit reduced due to the incidents of a very small minority of people driving/riding beyond their capabilities. Say the limit is reduced from 100kph to 80kph which seems to be the method employed by VicRoads lately. Along come the many thousands of safe and competent riders and drivers representing the majority of the community. These people have regularly used the road safely for many years but are now PENALISED! Penalised by having to drive slower even though they have not committed any traffic offences. Why?

    Safe riding and driving law abiding citizens are now paying the penalty for someone else’s offence. What’s wrong with this picture?

    Who is representing the majority? The ALP Victorian State Government?

    Ask your elected state representative.


    I can no longer support towns and regions that do not support me as a motorcyclist and tourer and believe it is time these places are named.

    Current Nominees
    Healesville and surrounds
    Anglesea, Lorne , Apollo Bay and Port Campbell

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  2. I have to give Warburton the thumbs down due to the reduction of the Reefton Spur speed limit and the reduction of the speed limit from Warbuton to the Reefton Spur. Can't see myself travelling through this area anymore. No fun at 80kph.

    Hopefully someone with commonsense rectifies the issue soon.
  3. Well considering motorcyclists add to the revenue of the towns up that way, in particular those who were affected by the fires then the drop in numbers of said paying customers will have an impact that this cop will personally have to wear as well.
  4. Unfortunately the people who complain about motorcyclists 'invading' their patch tend to be residents without a stake in the commercial development of a region (retired folk, tree-changers etc.) They have the time and inclination to around complaining to politicians and bureaucrats. And they vote. That's all it takes these days.
    I don't believe that one cop got this change up. It was a whole bunch of bike-haters.
  5. Stopping riding your favourite roads because the limit has changed is a bit like cutting your nose off to spite your face. The Reefton can be great fun at 80kmh and who cares how fast you can reach on the short straights? Of more concern would be getting nabbed for overtaking a car travelling at 40kmh on one of those short straights, perfectly safely, only to then find you've now crossed a single line and face a massive points haul for having done so.

    I feel your pain. Moving here a year ago highlighted just how good I had it when I lived in the Yarra Valley. But then, the more I read about how the police are swamping the area, the more I am coming to believe that even if I were to live there again, it wouldn't be the same. The limits don't worry me as much as the single lines. At least here, the double lines are well place and wherever possible there are the broken lines, along with a few slow vehicle turnouts (not that everyone uses them).
  6. Titus that is what he told me but I agree with you. I would say he most likely championed it and made it happen with the support of others.

    In an effort to understand how a speed limit is changed I asked VicRoads a number of times for minutes of meetings, attendees at meetings, information used to make a decision, advanced notice of pending changes to a limit and the policy and procedure for changing the speed limit of a publicly owned asset. To date none of these things have been provided. It’s got to the point where my state representative and premier have been notified. One can only come to the conclusion that someone can just change the limit with no accountability.

    The issue with the locals is that after the first kilometre or so no one lives on the road and there are no public side roads. Also there are not enough locals living there to pay for this road including its maintenance. It may be subsidised by the state.
  7. Sit at the bottom and you can hear the bikes for a long time. Sit at the top and it's the same. I can imagine how it would get a bit tiring after a while.

    As for paying for the road, it will be funded either locally or via the state government. I don't see what the local population has to do with it or whether you are allowed to ride at 100kmh down it. I would imagine a lot of its reason for being is to do with the logging industry and water storage access.
  8. Cejay to me the spur was peace. At 100kph it was the perfectly balanced road. I could ride safely, comfortable and free without worry and not having to constantly look at my speedo.

    Now the joy has gone.
  9. I understand totally.
  10. I live in a area with great motorcycle roads, and find businesses eager and happy to have motorcycles around. most regurlar people accept they are good for business, but also have tales of idiotic behaviour.
    The local police can be quite tough on bikes and will definitely follow a bike more than a car waiting for an indiscreetion, but i just reason that as being understandable in a way when they attend many accidents , some fatal involving motorbikes on these roads, they are not robots and it does affect them.
    Unfortunately for us here and you in VIC i can't see a time where there aren't the few ruining it for the many, and while those few continue to wipe out they are the only statistics politicians and road bosses will view

  11. Ooooh boy I'd have been in trouble for the words that would have come out of my mouth without protected freedom of speech.
  12. Yes, yes it is!

    A slow road of twisties can still be a lot of fun from a skills perspective - just gotta change the focus from outright speed.

    I agree with your points. Road law is increasingly being thrown into disrepute by its maker/ enforcers .
  13. wes don lik ur tipe rond theez hir perts strenger
  14. The last 4 times I have been along the Reefton I have witnessed motorcycle accidents. Two of which involved a helicopter medevac.

    Personally, I hate the authorities and their blanket 'quick fixes' that just don't work, but I also hate the fact that I now have to ride slower because idiots and noobs keep chucking their bikes down the bitumen.
  15. And it's always been like that. In the early 80s I was the Pastor of the little wooden church (the people, actually, :LOL:) in Wesburn, and there was hardly a Sunday went by, at every time of the year, that an ambulance did not go by or that a chopper did not fly overhead....

    As for the locals, I doubt they have or had any input into the lowering of speed limits on either of those roads; many of them regard them as 'their' roads and enjoy them as much as the next bloke. I knew two people who MOVED to Warburton so they could be near the Spur roads......
  16. I'm in agreement with Cejay that the 'no overtaking' rules are a bigger problem than the speed limit, and far wider ranging. I've noticed a couple of radio talkback hosts have been firing a few shots on this front, too. It's becoming very apparent that absolutely no thought was put into this before it was enacted and there are all sorts of unintended consequences, quite often in urban areas.

    Out riding yesterday, (great day :grin:) I noticed a LOT of bikes on roads that used to be virtually empty. The consequence of moving riders on from the Spurs is that, if something goes wrong they will be even further from emergency services.
    On the up side, the locals were much friendlier.
  17. Dont ask, demand officially in writing, and send it in the form of an Freedom of Information (FOI) request.

    Under the FOI Act they:
    (i) MUST respond in writing;
    (ii) MUST respond in a reasonable time.
  18. I dunno about you guys, but given a 20kmh speed decrease, that will just make me take the road on pretty much one less cog exactly - so now my bike is making exactly the same noise output (same revs, 1 gear lower) - except now it's making it for a longer time, since it takes me longer to go past the complainers at the decreased speed.

    True..? So they just made it worse for themselves...?

    FWIW, I'd have to ride it at the new speed, but I don't think this will bother me personally too much. For how tight it is, at 100kmh it was race-track - at 80 it could still be an enjoyable ride?
  19. i now try and ride straight through places place like this, only stopping for fuel....

    But it is becoming a joke, i mean at a cruisy pace the spur's limit IS to slow on a bike, reefton well in places but overall the reduced limit hasn't killed it

    I am another who agree with cj, the limits don't bother me as much as the no overtaking rule, now i have to break 2 laws to ride the same as i was 6 months ago ](*,)
  20. Tramp, don't forget to mention what it costs for the FOI requestor (sp?).

    I understand that it's not a cheap exercise, can be time consuming as the shiny bums do their utmost to avoid fulfilling their obligations (and it's probably the only time any of them actually get off their arses to do something, too).

    And when you do get the info, it will be on paragraph 2, page 156 of 345, in invisible ink and the pages will be stuck together...