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motorcycle trivia

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by boz, Nov 9, 2005.

  1. 93% - missed the one about the show CHiPs, but having never seen the show before I guess that's no surprise. Disturbingly I actually knew the answers to the other questions.
  2. I got 80% Never been to London, and I thought it was the Honda Elsinore. Please don't turn me away from the Forum ,, GULP, I havent seen Easyrider!!!
  3. 87%, but I dispute the answer to q15. The Ace Cafe is a rocker hangout, not a biker hangout. If it was the latter, their website would be full of chopped Harleys, not Tritons and Norvins
  4. 80 for me too. Easy rider ain't really all that as a bike film. Get On Any Sunday instead!

    On a side note my grandmother is descended from the Lawrence family in Chepstoe, Wales, which means in some bizarre way I'm related to T. E. Lawrence. Which is amusing, because I was called Laurence of Arabia all through junior school. Anyway, I'm gonna leave those Brough Superiors RIGHT alone!
  5. 73% for me. Not bad, given I had to guess at least half of them.
  6. 93 for me, Captain America what a stupid name for a pointless character, in a lousy movie,

    Not happy I mucked it up
  7. I got 93%
  8. I'l bringing up the rear at the moment with 67%. l had to take guesses with more than half the questions.
  9. 93% Missed Steppenwolf. (hangs head in shame) :oops:
  10. Born to be mild, then?
  11. I got 87%, had to do it flat-out; I am so busy at work! I got # 7 and #13 wrong.