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Motorcycle trivia!

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by smileedude, Oct 1, 2012.

  1. It has been done before, but I looked up the last trivia thread and it ended 4 years ago and I didn't know the answer of the last question to resurrect it.

    So answer a question right and you get the honour of asking the next question. Any MC related questions allowed. Pictures, video and audio questions all welcome.

    Be warned: If you use the internet to find the answer of a question a police cadet somewhere in Australia will decide that being a HWP is his calling in life.

    The killer of these games is always someone asking a question too tough or not bothering to ask the next question, so if no one has answered and submitted a new question after 2 days of the original question it's a free for all first person to ask the next question. The question askers decision is final, but if you are certain your answer is correct you don't have to wait for the asker to say yes (nod from the question asker counts as yes). Type questions in bold to make the last question easier to find.

    Let the games begin :)

    What motorcycle features in the movie The Motorcycle Diaries?
  2. Was it a 500cc Norton Commando single cylinder?
  3. I thought it was a triumph of some sort, but I don't dare go look it up.
    The Norton sounds more likely though.
  4. Next question :)
  5. I will take that as a tick.

    mmmm yeah Buhjones takes an insurmountable infinity percent lead.\\:D/

    1-nil giggity!

    Ok now that is over let round two commence.

    What is the highest selling motorcycle of all time? Make and model name please...
  6. Would have to be the Honda Cub (and the millions of authorised and unauthorised knock offs of the Honda Cub)
  7. Honda CB250¿
  8. I reckon you're right jd
  9. Probably also the biggest selling motorised vehicle.
  10. Correct! (The c110 or 'postie' is also a member of the cub family)

    Next question please.
  11. Okay:
    Which German motorcycle was copied by both the British (BSA) and the Japanese (Yamaha)
  12. BMW M79?
    (I'm pretty sure this one became the ural and the chang-jiang but that is russia and china.)
  13. Nope, not a BMW (though I thought someone might guess that).

    Extra clue, the same bike was also copied by Harley Davidson.
  14. Not a BMW? I'm thinking early 20th century (pre-WWII) something that would've been handed over by Germany to the Allies, like an Adler or DKW. Which model I have no idea without hitting up Google, so I give up. I'm not risking the creation of more HWPs.
  15. Das Kleine Wunder.
  16. It was indeed a DKW. Specifically the 2-stroke RT125 - which became the BSA Bantam, Yamaha YA-1 Dragonfly and Harley Davidson "Hummer" (the latter I'd love to own for the name, and the ability to take it to HD meets :)).

    Looks like it's AlGroover's turn for a question (sorry Gobberwart).
  17. [MENTION=24633]AlGroover[/MENTION] or [MENTION=38743]Gobberwart[/MENTION], new question please.
  18. Sorry, I thought I was out of this one, but in the interests of not holding up the thread, I'll throw one in.

    Movie Trivia time...

    "Zed's dead, baby. Zed's dead."

    Five questions:

    1. The movie (too easy)
    2. The name (first & last) of the character who said the line
    3. The name of the actor who played that character
    4. The make and model of the bike the character was on at the time (no, "a chopper" will not do)
    5. The name of the bike (yes, it had one)
  19. 1. pulp fiction
    2. butch cassidy?
    3. bruce willis
    4.harley davidson?
    5. zed?
  20. Pulp fiction
    Bruce Willis
    Harley FXR