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Motorcycle transport company?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Booki, Sep 14, 2016.

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    Thinking about buying a bike - site unseen, am I crazy?

    Can anybody recommend a good mob for transport? And others who have done it, how did you go about payment?

    Did you trust the seller and just transfer the funds or did somebody handle the payment?

    For Reference: Adelaide to Melbourne

  2. From where to where?
  3. Hey Chris,

    Bike is in Adelaide and coming to Melbourne.
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  4. I've done it twice.

    Sydney to Mackay both times (which is a lot further than the 700klm you are talking about).

    If it was only that distance I would have driven or flown and checked it out in person.

    Actually I used to trailer one of those bikes further just to do a track day when I lived in Mackay! LOL

    One of the bikes is in my avatar! It was only 2 years old and low klms so the condition of the bike wasn't too much of a worry
    The money was transferred straight into the bank and a receipt for payment.
    The other one was a Honda CR500E which I purchased off ebay. It needed work but I knew that going in. I bought it as a project and did it up. Think I used paypal for that one and just copped the extra charges involved with that
    Both sight unseen. Well at least in person
    No problems with either.
    Both times, there was much communication with the buyers.
    I had these guys' address, licence numbers, phone numbers and we built up a rapport with each other. Also had vin and rego numbers which I were able to use to cross check and make sure they weren't stolen, etc.
    I also had the guy who was transporting it up to me contact them. They needed to work together to arrange a mutually ok pick up time.

    Be careful though. There are some dodgy bastards out there!
  5. The quotes I have gotten on a few websites workout better then driving I recken - Cost of driving a v8 ute for 1500km's and at least 16 hours driving time, It doesn't really add up.
  6. Yep that might be the case, until you take into account the risk of the bike not turning up and your money disappearing!
    Now which is cheaper?
  7. When you put it like that o_O
  8. Like I said I have done it twice, but I lived in quite a remote location. Flights were dear. Driving would have taken the best part of a week and the roads are crap!

    You are a nice drive away. I know living in such a tiny state it may not feel like it, but it really isn't that far for the piece of mind! Leave at 5 in the morning and you could almost be in Adelaide for lunch!
  9. Done it a few times. Bought used bikes from dealers and private individuals. Made payment and had the bikes transported to Griffith. Never been disappointed. Mark Travers of Sydney Motocycle Network is a great guy. He's based in Wagga Wagga. Don't know if he will do Adl to Mel. Worth a call. His rates are good compared to most.
  10. I am in the same situation. Looking for bikes and only finding what I want interstate. But I am planning on flying over and riding back as I dont work at the moment and have the time to do it at my leisure.
    I am currently interested in one in Sydney and one in Adelaide as well.

    I was considering a bike from Darwin and investigated freight from there. Be careful about how they transport it. After asking more about the quote I discovered it was going to be in an open ute or trailer and fully exposed to the elements and dust and crap. I wasnt going to risk it coming down to Melbourne covered in shit.

    So if you are looking at the freight option then check out the conditions and terms (like insurance) carefully.
  11. Definitely check out the big players in the transport industry, e.g. Toll and Ceva Logistics. I used to work for Ceva Logistics. They have specialised motorcycle transport modules that will protect your bike even in a roll-over, in the unlikely chance of that happening. They may be dearer than smaller operators, but would be well worth it.

    Good luck.
  12. ~

    You can always wash it when it gets there? Bikes are designed to be ridden most conditions so it won't hurt it to be on the back of a ute for a day or so.
    When I got my first car when I was 17 it came from QLD on the back of a tow truck. It was indeed covered in crap but a 10 min wash later it was looking much better.
  13. Toll no longer have a vehicle transport division as such. It was sold to Prixcar. Prixcar is a joint venture owned by Toll and KHI. But don't forget, Toll is now owned by Japan Post.
  14. It depends on the roads I guess.
    Adelaide to Melbourne should be fine. And anywhere from Melbourne to Brisbane.
    A few years ago when I was involved in a business I had machines in crates freighted from Perth to Melbourne. For some reason they had to take a different route and by the time it got here there was a ton of dust and crap that got through the cracks in the crate and we had to completely strip all the machines to fully clean them.
    So I am a bit wary about open transport from places like Darwin or Perth where there are very dusty roads.
  15. Of course it is. If it's not owned by the Americans or the Chinese, it would make perfect sense for the Japanese to own it.

    I wish all these foreign conglomerates would keep their cotton-pickin' mits off Australia! Ceva Logistics used to be TNT Logistics. TNT was an Australian company, then it went international, based in the Netherlands, then the logistics part of the business was sold to an American investment company and became Ceva Logistics. Bloody Americans - fcuk off!
  16. Toll also bought some of the TNT business years ago.
  17. It's a tough call buying interstate, but I feel you can really gauge most people by how they respond to you as a buyer.
    I've sent bikes and cars interstate sight unseen and never had an issue, always get payment up front before shipping.
    I bought a bike a while ago, old Suzuki GT550 from an importer, didn't quite come through as described.
    I've just bought another bike, an old Ducati. The seller did not hesitate when I asked for specific pictures to quantify some stuff. We kept in pretty close contact, I organised shipping and paid him 3 day before it was due for collection. Mind you, he didn't want a deposit but also took it down for sale the same night I confirmed I'd buy it.
    Finger crossed it arrives next week (he did send me a pic of it loaded on the truck). I'm using these guys Motorbike Transport | Motorcycle Transport Australia Wide $445 door to door from Brisbane to Melbourne.

    The way I treat purchases are simple, I don't like getting mucked around so I don't muck sellers around. I've been known to rock up with a trailer and cash ready to go.
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  18. Hey, stop nicking our Ducatis!