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VIC Motorcycle Training + Optometry

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Funkmonkey, Aug 27, 2012.

  1. So guys,

    Ive just been doing the ringaround after my stuffup with DECA the other week, and ended up calling a training centre that is quite close to me, i wont name them for now.

    While most trainers offer just the license test, this particular company said they dont because they cant justify the price yadda yadda. Didnt really bother me, i was only shopping around.

    What did confuse me, was that unlike everyone else i have rung, this particular place has told me that they will have to test my eyes as well.

    Im wondering if a) this is normal b) do they employ optometrists to do such a test (or is it like Personal Trainers at gyms that think they are self qualified enough to "Override" your own GP) and c) What the hell makes them think theyre qualified to override my own optometrist, vicroads, and given my previous uni course CASAs own medical officers who accept there is nothing wrong with my vision?? Theres certainly nothing marked on my license that would suggest that i ever required glasses!!!

    Anyone else come across this?

  2. I thought the others just made you read letters from a bit of paper pinned to a wall. No optometrists. No eye inspections.

    Well at least that's all that happened at HART.
  3. And how are they in any way qualified to give that test, or analyze the results for it? Or am i just being over the top?

    Again, i refer to the fact that my vision has been checked by people who are actually qualified to give a medical opinion that my eyesight is close to perfect.
  4. Where i did my L's (pm me for a name) they offer the P full day and the P test only. i think theres a $20 difference between the two.. and yeah they do an eye test meaning you read the letters on the wall.. its all they do at vic roads so its all they are allowed to do..

    The attitude is whats different though.. and i think its a good thing.. if you do the P test only then they see themselves as "Testers" only and are therefore as hard as possible. if you do the full day they see themselves as "Mentors" and will conduct the test as such.

    For the extra $20 bucks i rekon its going to be well worth the full day.. whats the worst that can happen.. you learn something you thought knew??

    But as for the eye "test".. i think they call it a test where its just the letters on the walls.
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    They don't give you a prescription, they test if you're above a minimum level. This level is pretty low. If you scrape in you won't be able to read the number plate of the car in front of you.

  6. It comes down to which line you can read.. if you can read one of the middle ones you are ok.. if you can only read one of the top two lines you fail and will need to have the condition on your licence that you wear glasses.
  7. Yeah i was wrong. Yet another unjustified whinge from the Monkey. Same story from other places. Im booked in for Wednesday at Ride Tek, and got a Netriders discount out of it, so thats my test booked for $40 less than what DECA claim is the minimum they can do it for.

    TL;DR FUNKMONKEY WRONG AGAIN... surprise surprise.
  8. There are some recent changes to the way Vicroads approves license applicants' vision, but so far it only affects the way qualified optometrists test them. Your own optometrist CAN override the Vicroads vision test, but less easily than before. The normal chart and colour test remains (for now).

    This is going to become a bigger issue for older road users, though.
  9. I did my licence test with RideTek at Sandown. They are pretty casual and relaxed, yet I got a lot out of it.

    Because it is a small shop, you get some reasonably decent personal attention.

    Good luck. :)
  10. Cheers :) Yes they were good to talk to this morning, the lady on the phone asked if i had done much riding, and i mentioned netriders to her, apparently a lot of us have been through there, and i got another $10 off which was cool.

    Looking forward to setting fire to that damn L plate.