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Motorcycle Training Academy

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by nodz, Jan 27, 2005.

  1. Anyone going past Narre Warren to Dandenong (Motorcycle Trianing Academy) on Sat 29th at midday and again on Sun 30th at 8:15. After got the cage smashed up on Monday, by someone hitting me from behind I have no ride to get to my L's. Anyone able to help?

  2. I'll get you there! pm me your addy!
  3. Uncanny... same thing happened to me - car got written off on a friday night, had my L's course on the following thurs/fri...
  4. I can help Nodz on Sunday but Chris will still need help about midday Sat! C'mon netriders don't leave a fellow rider stranded!
  5. Ummm, I guess we all thought you had it covered Sue. Refer to your last post ;)
  6. I've got Sunday covered but working in Scoresby on Sat from 8.30 till 5pm ish!
  7. I can do it Saturday... PM me with the times and your address
  8. I will be going to Yum Cha on Saturday but Falom and I plan to pick Lids up from the learners course at the MTA at 5pm on Saturday and escort her the long way home while getting lids to use some of the skills she has just learnt. So be sure to say hi to her (shes on the Teal Across) and be sure to say hi to us as well :D
  9. Good luck with the test Nodz.

    I got my learners ages ago. I'm actually doing the the intro course tomorrow just to refresh me on stuff.

    :D :D
  10. Thanks to all those that offered rides and then came through for me on Saturday.
    Realm thanks for travelling from C'bourne to take me there and get me back. Very much appreciated.
    Lids, keep on keeping on. Hang in there girl, good to finally put a face to a name.
    I had fun.
  11. Hey Nodz, how did you go today????

    :D :D
  12. Thanks to Bond Girl on Sunday, got there on time. Day of tough riding, quite hot towards the afternoon. Passed with flying colours, Right hand and left hand turns no probs, didn't forget to indicate. Stop in box, dead centre. Slow ride 15.7secs, only need to be greater than 8 (helps when u r on a single cylinder 4 stroke Honda SL230 trail bike, it idles through with throttle shut). Emergency stop 4.5metres from almost 30kmph. Thanks for everyones support. Got to pluck up courage to get the CB250 above thirty and into 4th. Ha..ha. Plenty of trips to the milkbar I think. He..he
  13. Big Congrats Nodz :)
  14. Thanks Titania and may I say thanks to all at Motorcycle Training Academy for making me welcome and comfortable throughout the two days of training. Thanks to the instructors Michael and Mark and thanks to the other riders in the office for smooth sailing with all the adminstration work. A very professional outfit and attitude presented by all involve.
  15. Hey Nodz, how did the others go yesterday??? Did everyone else pass the test?

    :D :D
  16. Hey Lids, there were 12 of us doing our learners yesterday. I know at least four in our group and four in the other group passed. I know two of those eight had to resit the theory, I don't know how the rest did as I was the second to complete the test in our group and so I left before others completed, but well done to all those others that passed.