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Motorcycle Training Academy GONE!

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by DRMAT, Oct 15, 2007.

  1. GONE!!

    Went to get the details for a friend who wants to start riding and went to the website, gone. Happened to be going to Robbos Pet Barn next door yesterday and MTA has disappeared entirely, no buildings left of anything and the area is full of shipping containers now.

    I asked at the pet supplies place about it and apparently they just packed up and left very quickly but also without letting anyone know as they have had quite a few angry people with pre-booked tests and vouchers who were never contacted coming in looking for MTA!

    Bit disappointing as they were great and many, including myself, have highly recommended them after using them. The only other place around that sort of area is DECA at Carrum and they haven't been nearly as good in my experience and quite a few others.
  2. Dang, any luck contacting PrickToads to find out what happened?
  3. Haven't tried... i didn't have anything booked or a voucher so no skin off my nose.
  4. That's weird...and a shame. I did my learners and licence with them and they were fantastic.
  5. from what i understand they have moved location
    I will try to get more info soon as they were great to deal with.
  6. Their email address is now bouncing, perhaps they moved from "in business" to "outta business" :p
  7. thats what i thought
    and i was a bit confused when my brother told me he was going for hi license and i went down to see how he went and big empty space. another friend is also doing her test with them so i think just moved with bad planing rather than malice :-k
  8. Be interesting to find out because their website is removed and all their details on yellowpages etc are the same as before. You'd think if you were moving you'd change your listings and website... and leave a sign or something for customers. Anyone tried the phone number?


    OK gave the number a ring. Their phone number and name have been bought by Ride-tek Motorcycle Training Academy as they have gone out of business. Ride-tek is located at:
    313 Hammond Road (Cnr Greens Road)
    Dandenong, Victoria 3175 Australia

    Also from their site news:

    joins the team at Ride-Tek

    We at Ride-Tek MTA welcome Michael Stafford (MTA Chief Instructor) to the team at Dandenong.

    Good news for those that did training previously with Michael as he is excellent. Site also says they will be doing rider training at Sandown starting in Sept! They also offer on-road training via intercom!


    LOL bit funny if you scroll down their front page and it has a pic with the heading "Rider Safety Gear Training" and then the pic right next to it has someone riding in short sleeves for Cornering Skills!
  9. When I spoke to them a few months ago they said they had some problems renewing the lease and have to find another premises.
  10. Hello From Michael Stafford!

    Hello to all Netrider members. My apologies for not getting on line sooner to discuss the situation of the closure of MTA.
    It is true that the the expansion of "Fort Knox Strorage " and the subsequent non renewal of the lease created the unfortunate closure of a rider training centre that I was proud to be apart of.The last few months were a blur occupied by Shelee our Manager courageously and tirelessly trying to find new premises ,to continue over five years of building our reputation , but to no avail.
    I was the Chief Instructor there and had no part of the finances of the company. Ridetek have taken the mta name ,(and me) on ,not the financial debt of the Motorcycle Training Academy.The other Instructors have moved on and I would be happy to direct you to the providers they have gone to, if you would like to have them as your trainers in future.I have no hesitation in recommending them, I just wish I was still working with them (and Shelee our Manager who did such a great job!)
    As they say one door closes another opens, I am now the Manager and Chief Instructor at Ridetek MTA Dandenong. I'm also happy to remind all netriders that we still give you a discount on courses , but more importantly that if you need any advice on riding I'm happy to sit down have a coffee and a chat for free at our range.
    I have no computer at this stage so call me on 97069733 . I hope this post finds you all well and I look foward to possibly meeting you at Dandenong

    regards , Michael Stafford

    P.S. yes I don't like the picture with the T-Shirt either , we are in the process of revamping the site , thats the first thing to go ! :)
  11. Glad to hear you're still around Michael... i'm sure a lot of people will also be happy to hear the news and have somewhere to recommend people to again!
    When are Ridetek getting the Sandown days up and running?
  12. Hi again ! Our new range at Sandown race track is just that , a training range . It is located next to the track but seperate to it. We are doing introductory courses,learner permits and Learner test onlys' at this time. It isn't a high level course facility. I'm unsure if I'm correct but as I understand they don't use the whole track for motorcycle training at all. Anyone know any differently??

    cheers michael

    P.S. thanks for the reply it's great to get positive feedback as a trainer :)
  13. I'm sure some banner advertising telling people of the change is in order ey Michael?
  14. Very quick Vic , nice sales pitch lol ;)
    I'll have a chat to the Director see what he thinks. Thanks
    for the idea
    hope this finds you well ,

    cheers michael
  15. That's right ;) the community supports businesses, businesses need to in turn support the community ;)

    Fortunately the demand for banners is great and therefore there are no banners available till next month :)

    I am well, pretty much recovered from my surgery.
    I need someone to teach me to ride through corners without falling off :rofl:
  16. Gday again ,
    I have been contacted by a few students who believed i was still working at Ride Tek MTA. They have asked me to point out this information to clarify the situation. I'm quite sure most of you wouldn't give two hoots where i am etc , so you can happily ignore this post! :grin:
    I have left there (ride tek mta ) amicably (spelling ?) and am now back at HART.
    I hope this finds you all well,

    cheers michael (stafford)
  17. Don't forget to update ya profile Michael :p