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Motorcycle trailers, who hires them?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by pro-pilot, May 13, 2008.

  1. In the Melbourne area.
    Interested if anybody hires trailers that they can take their bikes down to P.I. or other tracks (especially once the road gear is taken off).
    What are the best, easiest places to hire / rent these trailers.

  2. There is a place in Springvale that hires. I think they are on the Princes Highway, near the spaghetti junction. May have what you need. Didn't do much for us, we needed a double and couln't fit both bikes on it, so my hubby has doctored his own trailer for taking bikes to the island.
  3. Perhaps you could buy a C channel and some angle iron (As a butt on the end, in between the walls, to keep the channel central, measure up your friendly servo's trailer, and cut and weld so it just slots in. Voila.

    The only trouble is that with steel prices and trailer rental fees, you might as well buy a quick mini-trailer solution from the States if you plan on renting the trailer more then a few times a year. (Then again, the $50 a day for myself was for a car trailer, you'll only need a medium-sized one)
    (And the rental fees are pretty steep if you end up in intensive care for a few weeks)
  4. Just about any of the servo's will hire them. You need to make sure the channels are wide enough for road bike tyres, other than that you're ready to go.
  5. Buy one you cheap prick. All that cash you have and wont buy trailer? Wanker.
  6. You wrote what I thought but was too polite to write...ah fcuk it, just buy one pp and stop being so tight arsed!
  7. Those 3 dirt bike trailers are shite. Channels are not wide enough and the metal digs into tyres. They are usualy rusted like no hell. One tie down bar decided to let go one day, lucky the bike was tied down in more then one place.

    You can pick up good second hand ones for as cheap as $200, that are in fair nick. I got an easy trail and it cost me about $700 with ramp, i thinks its a great product and fair priced.
  8. Straight to the pool room with that one J :LOL:
  9. Not the ones around here. All good nick and well made. Agree though, any trailer shop will make a good one for you. Price from $700 upwards.
  10. :LOL:

    With some of the spare change you have burning a hole in your pocket, I'm sure you could just pick up one of these to cart your fleet around in.

  11. They are good options, the issue is space. I am likely only to use it once or twice a year, so its more not having one idle.
    However the easytrailer looks pretty handy.
  12. Talking of buying one .... I seen these the other day .

    $1100 for a brand new gal trailer ,not to bad.

    Just get 4 mates to throw in a couple of hundred each and leave it at someone house and you set for a flat tyre or brake down ,track day.
    Cheaper then road side assistance . :wink:
  13. The one that let go, looked in good nick. Fresh paint and all. It let go at the weld, and then the rust could be seen. It might be a once off, but just letting u know.
  14. The ramps can also be far too steep for roadbikes with a long wheelbase (not fun when a 230kg bike decides to bottom out when you're trying to back it off a trailer).
  15. And when they bottom out the fairing gets all scratched up... happened to me with the Triumph Sprint ST.
  16. That wasn't an issue for me at least - working out what to do with a bike that didn't want to move in any direction other than falling over sideways was definitely a problem though (especially when there were only two of us unloading the bike).
  17. Buy a 2.4m long treated pine sleeper for $15, attach a 2" steel angle to the front, taper the ends of the sleeper with a power saw. Or spend $100 and get an aluminium folding ramp.
    Now you can hire any 7x4 box trailer in existence and transport a bike on it.
    Hint: you don't need pretty channels on teh trailer to tow a bike on it.

    Regards, Andrew.
  18. I put my cruiser on a 3 bike trailer .
    All you got to do is back it up to a foot path ,push the bike up foot path and straight onto the trailer. :wink: