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Motorcycle trailer, (easytrailer), opinions

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by natta, Aug 15, 2007.

  1. Hi
    I am looking for a motorcycle trailer, an open one, that can hold road bikes.

    I found this foldable trailer company www.easytrailer.com.au
    That seem good.

    Does anyone have one? Or what trailer do u have??


  2. G'day Natta,

    Mate my bro bought one last week. It probably took about 5 hours to put together (lots of smoko breaks) Everything bolts into place and seems pretty stable. We have the bike ramp/front tyre clamp for it as well.

    Supposed to hold up to 750kgs i think.

    If you got any questions PM me.
  3. How much did it set you back?

    I was going to get a trailer with the tracks on it, 2nd hand ones in good condition were about the $400 mark. $700 or so for a new one.

    You could also get a bit bigger than a 6*4 box trailer. 8*5 would fit a bike just fine, or a 7*4, it if exists.
  4. ok
    we had one of these shipped up to Darwin before we moved down here
    as it was light enough to tow behind the Astra, as the Landcruiser already had the offroad camper being towed behind it.

    We drove from Darwin to Adelaide and then across here to Melbourne with my kwaka GPX and our kids Suzuki 80cc on it and not one hiccup all the way
    tracks nicely and doesnt move around at all

    only problem is, you have to keep checking its there :LOL:

    its now folded up along a wall in our shed

  5. i think it was about $700 all up, which included the trailer, the side walls (for the box) and also a bike holder ramp thing.

    we pushed the bike on and it seemed alright. Will be trailering it down to the GOR next weekend when i stay down there for a few nights. will let you know how it goes.
  6. Great trailer. Allow yourself plenty of time to put it together, took my mate and I about 6 hours in total to assemble. Melb-Ade and return no problems had to retighten the suspension U bolts on one side only.
    Bike zzr600
    Car Nissan Pulsar 1.8 litre engine.
    Hardly noticed the load behind me, tralier just sat there with this crazy motorbike tailgaiting me everytime I looked in the rear mirror :shock:

  7. is there any slide to load the bike up?
  8. Roadbike kit came with loading ramp, make sure you get a ramp wide enough for the rear tyre size.
  9. Is anyone else interested in one of these, i want to approach them for a bulk buy discount.

    Natta, did you get one already?
  10. do they come in different sizes?

    how big are they in wrapped up size?
  11. Yes ramps come in different sizes. Folded up the 8x4 is about 1800mm high, 1600wide and 650mm deep, and is on castors to wheels wherever you want to store it.
  12. I just found Easytrailer a bit expensive.

    I have just bought a 6x4 gal trailer from Keysborough brand new with front & rear gates, LED lights, new wheels & tyres heaps of tie down points for $620.00.
  13. I'm looking at a 6 x 4 Easytrailer myself. I agree that they are more expensive than a conventional trailer, but for me the extra two or three hundred dollars is worthwhile for the space saving. I also like the ability to customise the trailer with different sides etc.
  14. How do you figure more expensive?

    A 6x4 easy trailer is only $460 plus whatever top you want, and an 8x4 is only $500 plus top. Apart from being able to store it far more easily than a regular trailer, I can't find an 8x4 for anywhere near $500 (say $600 with sides).
  15. An easytrailer 6 x 4 with metal floor and standard sides is $750. You then need to add another $90 the ramp and wheel brace. I simply wouldn't buy a trailer without a metal floor, so the cheaper option doesn't come into it for me. The $460 you quote is just a frame, without even a formply floor.

    You can buy a conventional trailer for less, but that's not unexpected when you take into account the features of the Easytrailer.

    I don't think it's overpriced, I wouldn't buy one if I did, but it's not cheap.
  16. Yeah, I'd be interested. Probably an 8*4 with the nesessary motorcycle bits. Let me know if you're still keen to get one.

  17. Yeah looking into getting on very soon. Gonna have a look at them in the coming week.
    Prob get a 6x4, formaply floor, only need to carry a max of 2 bikes, like 250kgs.
    If we could get a discount that be awsome.

    Well i dont think these trailers are overpriced. I have looked into other bike trailer, and they are around 1000 for a 3bike one.
    Plus i have no room to put a normal trailer, so thats a huge benifit. And i can roll it into my shed and it wont rust.
  18. Easytrailer are now a Netrider Discount Partner, it's 5%, which isn't huge, but it's better than a kick in the teeth.
  19. Thanks for that Andy.
    I was very impressed with what i have seem of the easy trailer. So i ordered one last week. Delivery on Wednesday. The people on the phone are very helpful and willing to answer any questions. Plus we all get a 5% discount.
  20. I'm looking at easytrailer, too, the 6x4 with rail sides and spare wheel is $780+postage. I've been to every trailer place here in Townsville, and Bunnings is the cheapest(6x4) at $895, then there's the other places at $980, $1200 and $1500, with various levels of completeness.

    Where are the $500 - $600 trailers I keep seeing mentioned?