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Motorcycle Tools

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by dan, Jun 1, 2005.

  1. I find myself doing a bit of maintenance on my machine, especially the routine stuff. I good set of sockets/spanners is a must, but right now I'm making do with some cheap and nasty stuff that is breaking left right and centre.

    I want to invest in a few good tools, but I don't know what are considered the best anymore, given their all made in China. :(

    Any recommendations? Value for money a must...

  2. Value for $$ the Kingchrome stuff is hard to beat.
    It ain't top-shelf, but it ain't crap either.
  3. if i had the money, then yeah, kingchrome for SURE :D

    but i dont, so my supatool set has to do the trick :cry: not that its a bad set, just looks a little cheaper than the good stuff. still does the trick tho, i use the set a few times a week on bikes and cars and pushies etc and its all been good to me for the last 6 months or so. cant complain for a $150 200pce set with a metal box :D k-mart sales rock :LOL:
  4. If I had the money itd be snap on and sidchrome the whole way. For value you cant go past kingchrome.
  5. I've had a set of Metrinch spanners for about 10 years and they've been great. Never broken one and they'll grip on anything. The same spanner will grip metric, Whitworth and AF head sizes so there's no need to own 3 sets (handy if you have a Norton Commando - it uses all 3 sizes). Not the cheapest, but still cheaper than buying 2 sets of spanners so you have a full set of imperial and metric.
  6. Sidchrome and Snap On have been my choice over the years
    I have accumulated full sets of metric and imperial sockets
    spanners and shifters. I use ½" square drive for most things
    but I also have a ¼" Sidchrome set for some of the fiddly stuff
    have a few KingChrome odd ball torx spanners and drivers
    I find Stanley or Sidchrome screwdrivers the best.....
    and Warren and Brown or Nitto for torque wrenches dial guages
    micrometers..that sorta stuff....


  7. I was told one to buy cheap tools and whatever breaks, replace with good quality. The idea being that the ones you use are the good quality ones. To buy a "set" piece by piece is always dearer, we know that. The idea behind the buy cheap and replace with gooduns is so that you dont end up with a lot of expensive good ones that may never be used. Of course that idea has a big flaw when the tool you are using breaks and you need it there and then. Or your l-cheapo one damages a nut/bolt/whatever.

    Saying that I do have a lot of kingchrome and to be honest i'm pretty disappointed in some of it. Most of their spanners and sockets are ok. But some of their stuff is re-branded crap. Supatool is made by kingchrome if memory serves me correct.

    Oh and on the sockets I prefer myself 3/8 drive as it has more "feel" to it than 1/2. Just a personal preference thou. That and a good ratchet!!

    In answer to your post I would replace the stuff that breaks with something better as the most bang for your buck. No point in having expensive stuff if you never use it. Later on can replace all of em.

    Kingchrome is avaliable almost everywhere now. I cant remember where, but when I bought my big set there was an online mob in Perth. The kingchrome warehouse is in Glen Waverley. I paid the money direct to the mob in Perth and they gave me an order number and I went and got it from the warehouse. Saved about 40% off retail at the time. And was nervous about buying that way, but it worked for me.

    Best of luck

  8. That all being said....SnapOn - mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    They have a genuine lifetime warantee. Not the type often used where something breaks and the claim to replace is unworkable. If Snapon breaks, they will replace, end of story. That is what I have found anyhow. Only prob is it takes a lifetime of saving to buy!!!
  9. I've got the Supatool socket set..32pc $124 bucks. Works for me :wink:
  10. tools yes hahahhaha :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

    gotta love it when you work at a hardware store and get everything COST price 8) 8) 8)

    kinchrome is pretty good, their next standard is supatool
    supercraft is pretty good value, have a few spanners and theyre pretty good.
    stanley.... ehhhh
    dont touch eagle or anything thats under $15 set.
    and stay the hell away from BUNNINGS theyre rip off merchants :evil: , support the little guys. :wink:
    PM me dan if you want some tools
  11. Can't beat Stahlwille IMHO.

    Then again - if you reckon Sidchrome are exy - then sit down before pricing the Wille stuff ...
  12. Some real sound advice here.
    Since Sidchrome isn't made in AUS anymore, quality has gone down the tube.
    What's a good start for bike related work?
    A set of mid-quality cranked-ring/ open end spanners 8-22mm
    A 3/8 socket set (Kingchrome, about $85 or thereabouts) metric/imperial with 1/4 adaptor for the smaller sockets and 2"+6" 3/8 drive extensions.
    6-19mm sockets plus equivalent imperial (just in case).
    Set of blade and Philips screwdrivers (phillips size 1/2/3) Stanleys?
    Set of 3-8mm Allen sockets to fit the 3/8 drive ratchet (about $65, Repco brand)
    Set of long-handled, one-side-knurled Allen Keys , same sizes 3-8mm(buy decent stuff here)
    Same again in imperial, cheap set, seldom used but handy after 5pm on a Sunday when everyone is closed. $15
    Sidchrome (or such) sidecutters and long-needle-nose pliers.
    Set of cable-connectors and pliers/cutters, Kmart stuff (Lion or HAIG).
    Telescopic pen magnet (oh yes :D :D )
    Torch with spare batteries.
    1/2 socket set, no skimping here. Preferrably 6-point sockets. Rothenburger/ Hazet/ Elora are big bux but worth every penny. Preferrably a push-through drive for long life.
    My set is now over 30 years old, still complete, not a single piece replaced under the life-long warranty....and anything beyond 17mm has been extensively used as spacers/drivers /wedges, often belting the crap out of it with 4-pound hammers. Even the slider-bar of the fixed-handle isn't bent after regular use with 6ft extension bars to crack 140nm loctited drive sprockets on ZX9s/ Bandits and the Strom. It cost "the earth" then...and I'd by it again if I needed another set today.

    Belzer Screwdrivers are also worth their $$ but not needed for the start.
    Check tool shops/ industrial supplies for that sorta tool-grade.
  13. Stahlwille are in another class IMHO. Like Hazet and dowident (no longer made I think). Price is often an indicator of quality. Not always, but often is.
  14. I started off with $1200 worth of sidchrome, but I have slowly built my kit up to $4,300 worth of tools, everything I have added has been snap-on, best quailty, and as someone said warrinty rocks, another mechanic at work, broke a snap-on ratchet with a 6 foot piece of pipe off it, and he still got warrenty, the snap-on van is great, if he sells me something a bit new or different, he always says to me "and if you don't like it, bring it back"

    I am still learning my way around bikes, but I have been using my 1/4 and 3/8 drive sidchrome sets, using snap-on ratchets, which have flex heads, you can't beat a ratchet with a flex head, I can't see a reason to use 1/2, I think it is to big and bulky on a bike?

    it is intresting that you guys seem to like sidchrome over kingchrome, in my trade it seems to be the other way around? I got paid out so much when I rocked up with my sidchrome set!

    always try and talk the tool shops down, because I got $700 off my sidchrome tools!

    hey has anyone used any "EUROTECH" tools, becasue I am thinking off buy a 3/8 drive socket set, with deep sockets in it, for $240. anyone had any expirence with eurotech, any good?
  15. Yeah - and in the case of Wille - the price sure does buy quality. I wish I owned a full set. Years and years ago I used to build frighteningly fast VW's - a mate was a marine motor mechanic and taught me heaps. All his gear was Wille - gorgeous stuff. How they get the strength they do out of almost paper thin socket walls is just amazing. And being so thin, they fit where the cheaper stuff (and that includes [Sid King]chrome) won't. But I couldn't afford it then - so bought a set of Ryans house brand - SEK. I lost the 17mm socket somewhere and replaced it with something else, but the rest is still going fine many vehicles later!
  16. Like most of the people in here, I tend to stick with Sidchrome or Snapon, you pay a bit more, but if you intend to keep and USE them it's all worth it, and the warranty is top draw, I sent Sidchrome a 1/2" rachet drive that I have had for nearly 9 yrs and they replaced with new....... can't get much better than that.
  17. Minimax is another great brand that may be still around.I have used mine proffessionally for 20 years plusand they are only 1/8 drive....

    I have had the Aussie made Sidchromes,1/2 drives,open enders and rings for well over 30 years.
    Still complete and nothing broken.
    A mate who runs a very busy gas conversion business locally tells me that the new REPCO in house brand is where all the "pros" are buying for themselves lately.
  18. yeah I heard that repco isn't to bad either, priced simlar to sidchrome/kingchorme, I have 1 repco spark plug socket, don't use it much (i work on trucks!) but it seems ok!
  19. ooooh lordy, lots of choices....

    some great advice too - I like the idea of buying a cheap set and replacing the ones I break and therefore use the most. I'd hate to buy a $1000 socket set, and never use 3/4 of them!

    or maybe thats the tightarse in me coming out.
  20. SNAPON quarter inch. Save your bucks and you wont be dissapointed