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Motorcycle throttle locks

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by icemaker, Jan 26, 2015.

  1. I want to get the wonderful people of netrider opinions on some of the throttle locks on the market.
    The main reason I'm looking into getting one is to just shake off cramp/numbness from my wrist and hand when hitting the highway for an adventure. If its good enough to hold the throttle for extended periods of time, then great, but mainly it'll be used in short bursts.

    It seems there are two main types, a grip clamp (omni cruise) and bar end style (kaoko) and I'm a bit torn between the two.

    The grip clamps seem easy to install and remove, are interchangeable so I could use them on any bike and are relatively cheap but not the prettiest looking things on the handle bars.

    The bar end types are neat and seem to work well but are a bit more expensive and not interchangeable.

    If anyone out there has any experience with these gizmos, please feel free to share your wisdom and knowledge.
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  2. does it feel like it gets in the way at all?

    no experience with them and no idea of the quality of the implementation, but I like the idea of the Brakeaway
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  3. First few times of use, it did get in the way, but with a minor adjustment of the rocker I have never had an issue since. Also when I get into city traffic, it takes 1 second to flip the rocker out the way.
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  4. IMO, the biggest difference is that with a cruise control you can actually take your hand off the throttle and give it a shake or do up a zip or Velcro if needed. With a rocker, you can release the grip, but not remove your hand.
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  5. I've recently bought two sets of throttle rockers (left and right) for both my bikes. Hoping they help with cramping a little, I'll post again once they arrive and let you know how I get on.
  6. I've used a throttle rocker and a friction type throttle lock.

    I found the throttle lock (Omni cruise) the better one to use. My reasoning being, it's cheap, unobtrusive if you aren't using it, easy to remove, very easy to operate and reasonably safe in that if you just need to close the throttle to disengage it, and you can adjust the amount of friction it applies whilst on the move.

    I reckon the Kaoko type are just too over priced for what it is/does.

    The throttle rocker did help, but as others have also mentioned, you can ease your grip, but not take your hand off. Once you get it in the right position it's easy to adapt to.

    I have a throttle rocker and a Go Cruise (http://www.webbikeworld.com/t2/go-cruise-throttle-control/) throttle lock that you can have, PM me your address and I can post them to you.

    I found the Go Cruise works as well as the Omni Cruise, but is a little less easy to set whilst riding. The Omni Cruise has that little bit for you thumb.
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  7. I've use both the throttle rocker and omni cruise together, as they both do different jobs. Both have their advantages and weaknesses.

    The throttle rocker, as suggested does not allow you to move your hand, but I find the bike much more comfortable to ride with it than without it. It really assists with wrist fatigue.

    The omni cruise I use to lock on for a short time to take my hand off the bars and give it a bit of a rest entirely - move it around, give it a stretch, etc. I have also used it when on long straights to 'assist' me. (So I still have my hand on the throttle, but less pressure is required on the throttle rocker to maintain speed).

    I do find that the omni cruise does seem to slip slightly over time on rough surfaces. (Probably because I don't have it tight enough but since I also have grip warmers, I don't really want to damage any wiring underneath). In fairness the throttle rocker can slip over time too, but it's easy to just twist around to where I want it again.

    For me the throttle rocker does naturally tend to 'move' further to the edge of the throttle every time I reset it. Something I need to keep an eye on. (I actually have a spare throttle rocker under my seat now as I went on a trip once and lost the one on my throttle leaving me to do the rest of the trip without it, which I did not like)

    Both I would purchase over again in a moment. It's probably one of those things you can live without until you have one, and after you've used it for a while you get soft. :)
  8. Cheers for the replys.
    inztigatorinztigator, Im looking more toward the locking types where you can take your hand off and maintain speed. That way I can give you the finger as I ride past with both hands ;)

    bobthekelpybobthekelpy, that's extremely generous of you but I would hate to take it and not use it.
    If I go down that route Ill look at the adjustable versions such as the Omnicruise and Go Cruise 2. At about $50 it seems like a no brainer.

    Cheer for the input guys, it seems as though the clamp locks are the go!
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  9. I have also used both,I continue to use the rocker type.Its so simple,the others are a bit to complicated and I get enough relieve with the rocker.I have had one slip off the end,unfindable at 100ks.You have to be careful using them,had a mate blame it for an off once.Never a problem for me though.
  10. I can only comment on the Omni Cruise as its the only one i have used.
    I must say it is incredibly easy to use and its removable, it doesn't get in the way,
    Its perfect for stretching your wrist out and doing up a zipper etc.
    Please note that i ride a cruiser so i don't know what its like on a sports bike or anything like that.
  11. I just installed a Kaoko. Look nice and easy to use with glove. In hindsight though I am now considering Newton's Third law - For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. The Kaoko pushes against the throttle grip with a friction washer so it is easy to monitor wear of that part - but what is the throttle assembly pushing back against on the other side and how durable is that part of the throttle/handgrip assembly? Could be damaging the throttle/handgrip internals. Thinking now if I am going to make regular use I might buy an omni cruise.
  12. Yeah I reckon I might go the Omnicruise. Seems as though it would be easier to tighten on the fly and has a bigger thumb trigger than the Go Cruise 2.
  13. That one on the ebay link is really simply - more so than the one I used to use. Is it easy enough to use and not be too tight?
  14. I have a Vista throttle lock, had it for years. It's great for those long boring stretches of flat straight roads.
  15. The eBay one is completely adjustable for tightness which is why I went for it. Also thin so you hardly notice it's there, doesn't use much grip space. Really simple just push forward with your index finger and normal throttle off.
  16. I too have been looking at these items,That breakaway product oldcorollas mentioned,seems like a great idea, but I'm basically crap with tools and following instructions,anyone outthere could give us a ball park figure what u think a mechanic migh charge to install one of these?
  17. Definitely cheap but it's plastic and doesn't look like it can be adjustable on the fly.
    Theft is not an issue with the omnicruise as you can easily remove it when you park in public areas. For the price though it looks great but for an extra $30 odd I can get an aluminium built one that can be adjusted while on the move. Convenience wins over dollars on this one
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  18. I'm sure they wouldn't charge you much if you take it to them on the next service
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