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Motorcycle thieves target Brisbane city

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by MotoTraveler, May 3, 2012.

  1. Hope none of you up north lose your bike to this guy.



    Motorcycle thieves target Brisbane city

    by: Peta Fuller, City News From: Quest Newspapers May 03, 2012 10:39AM

    Suzuki's GSX-R is popular with thieves. Source: Quest Newspapers
    CITY police are warning motorcycle riders to be vigilant after a string of targeted bike thefts this year.

    Brisbane Central District Detective Inspector, Tony Duncan said thieves had been spotted taking pictures of their target before returning to steal the motorbike.

    "We have no evidence they steal to order but it's not outside the realm of possibility," Insp Duncan said.

    "Our district crime prevention co-ordinators have been leaving flyers with bikes and talking to riders."

    A number of late model GSX-R Suzuki motorcycles were stolen from several locations around the city from February to March.

    Brisbane Motorcycles dealer principal Jason Peters said the older models were most likely stolen for spare parts, as newer models had engine immobilisers.

    He said in Queensland the repairable write-off option, allowing damaged bikes to be repaired instead of forcibly scrapped, meant demand for cheap spare parts.

    "These stolen bikes end up as parts," Mr Peters said.

    He said his best advice to owners was to get comprehensive insurance.

    RACQ manager of technical and safety policy Steve Spalding said Queensland's repairable write-off laws were in line with other states except NSW.

    "There they had a particular theft problem and now they only have the statutory write off option so a vehicle can never be registered again," Mr Spalding said.

    Police said riders can take several steps to increase security including recording your Vehicle Identification Number and engine number, using micro-dot technology on bike parts as well as ignition or steering locks.

    If you can help, call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000
  2. Handy tip about steering locks, about time they were brought in! Solid suggestions by the police again.
  3. Wow.. there are some shady people out in society these days..

    stealing bikes to order.. obviously even though the police are saying its not like that.. if they're taking photos of particular bikes.. and not just randomly stealing them for whatever reason, a thrill i guess.

    Always ALWAYS have full comp.. doesn't matter what you do to protect it.. if there's a demand.. we're all in trouble.
  4. exactly the same scenario with triumphs last year
  5. I wonder how many of these end up as track bikes?

    Be nice if track day organisers could check vin's before being allowed on the track, would take away the demand.
  6. Sadly, this doesn't surprise me. There's some low lives out there. Nothing more I can really contribute, there's enough threads around here on "how to [do your best to] prevent your bike from being stolen" to read.
  7. I was a victim. The solution is to drop some letter on your bike saying "Congratulations, your bike is safe!" or if you forget your disclock, you get "Maybe try a disclock" or some shit like that.

    The guy who stole my bike rode it for the 4 weeks that I could not cancel the rego (thanks qld transport) and I had to sign stat decs for every toll fine and every speed camera fine for about 2 months. I went into the cop shop about 6 months later to ask if there had been any progress, not a single cop had looked at the file...

    NOW, I am not blaming the cops here. Our fantastic labor government that was in power, not only refused to increase funding to cops, but actually reduce the number of active cops. However, the approve the use of more speed cameras and other revenue raising devices. Just one more reason that nearly no one voted for labor in qld.
  8. I am going to order some business cards as you have stated. Currently have some for people who don't know how to park.... or drive. Though only 1 left for parking and 2 for driving..... Lots of people **** up.

    Does anybody know, is it safe to put netrider.net.au at the bottom of the cards for advertisement or should I not.
  9. Sure some end up as parts but many end up in containers en route to China.
    There are many cars and bikes over there which are not actually sold there - sometimes still running around with Australian (and other coutries) number plates or rego labels.
  10. I would say not. don't wanna attract the haters
  11. I've got a GSX-R 1000 and work in Brisbane CBD ride and park it here. Lucky me I've got full comphrensive. So bring it on daddy needs a brand new bike =D>
  12. Surely they'd steal something decent?

  13. ^^ don't worry dude, your duc is safe. you said decent after all :bolt:
  14. No need for the theft part, its the cops that leave the notice on your bike to secure it.

    Yup, I had full comp on my bike too. $500 excess, $600 insurance, so $1100 forked out and that did not include the alarm I had fitted and the $500 of dry cleaning that went in the topbox when it was stolen.
  15. lol steering locks....how about invisible cloaks
  16. The problem with using a cloaking device to secure your bike is that people will bump into it.

    I guess that theft is one thing that might get worse if there are more riders out there as there will be more demand for parts.