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Motorcycle therapy

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Dionikon, Jan 19, 2011.

  1. So today was my first day off work in the last 17 days, been working 12+ hrs a day for 2 weeks solid. ](*,)

    The original plan was to get some gardening done and be generally domestically productive. No chance!

    Step 1:
    Bought myself a rear stand so I can work on the bike a bit easier, along with some chain cleaner and some chain lube.

    Step 2:
    Buy new gloves because my old ones (less than 3 months old mind you) were starting to fall apart. Got some nice new Dianese summer gloves, hopefully these ones last a bit longer.

    Step 3:
    Try out the new stand of course! Cleaned, lubed and adjusted my chain.

    Step 4:
    Thorough clean of bike and helmet.

    After all that I realized I hadn't ridden the bike at all! So off I went randomly visiting friends, no one home. But the riding was the important part.


    Life is good! :)
  2. Meh, its always better when thats the case - just an excuse to ride more :p Don't want to be held up by irrelevant things like talking to people :p
  3. I know how you feel - today is the first day of my "holiday" until the 31st.
    Waiting for chain and sprockets to be fitted now, and no plans except riding for the next week or so.
    The lawns will only grow again...
  4. good man... way to live it up.