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motorcycle thefts

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ezer, Apr 18, 2007.

  1. so i was talking to a cop friend of mine and they mentioned, last night in parramatta, 7 bikes were pinched from the one block of units. i had 2 thoughts, firstly crap, thats alot of bikes. 2nd wow thats alot of bikes to get away with.

    this leads to my question, how do you make a bike more theft resistant? shy of sticking a dirty big chain around it and an immovable object, how effective are wheel locks, whats good brands for cost and such?

  2. Seven bikes sounds like they would just pick them up and put them in a truck. So chaining to an immovable object is a good start.

    Sensor alarm, disk lock alarm - and then when all else fails make sure you have insurance.
  3. Best bet is to store in garage or inside but if you can't you can buy alrms from $250 to $400, brake locks i saw at stores for $70 and wheel locks probally bout the same.

    correct me if these prices are wrong.
  4. I use a chain lock around a pole whenever I can. Otehrwise chain bikes together?
  5. Mines garaged, under a bike cover with a disklock and a big fcukoff chain thats anchored to the conc slab as well as a scorpio alarm with perimeter sensor activated... Seems to have worked so far though ill be wrapped when i can afford full comp one day :grin: Then ill sleep at night!
  6. I chain mine to one of the poles of the car port, through the forks.

    Who the fcuk's going to physically lift a CX500 anyway? :eek:
  7. Yep, big thick chain to a big thick pole and another (alarm/xena) lock on the rear disc too. 1 bike being pinched is enough for me... lock up!
  8. so, i'm in the parking lot of action motorcycles in parra.

    have just done up chaining my rear wheel of my bike that has the 'honda ignition security system' as standard as well as being fully insured. this bloke in his mid 40s, perhaps a newbie looking at getting a bike, remarks, suprisingly:

    "geez, has it come to this that you have to chain your bike up with a dirty big chain!"

    i says: "mate, this is parramatta. you can never be too careful."
  9. I have insurance.

    if they take it - then I get to buy a bigger bike!
  10. 3am tuesday morning, 4 bikes (inc mine) were stolen from my complex in Toongabbie (3 suburbs over).

    Its an epedemic and probably same people.

    Mine was stolen and was insured...
    Doesn't work for P platers :(

  11. Dirty big rotwhiler?
    A bit dificult to get to stay on the back of the bike while you are traveling though.
  12. Here I am thinking it will be ok to leave a new Hyo 650 in the street - shit :( Seems like a bad idea. And I'm not lucky enough to have a garage
  13. garage and perimeter alarm.....it will go off when opening the garage door, Anchor bolts are also a good option.

    Make sure you don't accidently set off the bike alarm or eventually your neighbours will ignore it, Some alarms also come with pagers. These are good for keeping next to your bed at night.

    There is also the hardwired 240volt option, but i wouldn't suggest that!!!
  14. [​IMG]

    I keep mine in the lounge room.
    I also have 2 dobermanns and a greyhound.
    Also, motion sensor alarm, and someone is always at the house due to shift work.
    My next door neighbour shares our front yard, and breeds rottweilers.

    If someone steals my bike, they can have it. They'll have earnt it.
  15. Chain a dog to your bike.
  16. ^^^ WOW!! :shock:
  17. I have a Xena disk lock with alarm, a U lock, two noisy terriers X + The big theft deterrant (50 Kgs of muscle and a few hundred lbs of jaw pressure):


  18. Now that sounds like a challenge...
    So If I get it can we meet up to do the paperwork [​IMG]
    What is the stamp duty on a bike that cost you your left arm and half your calf muscle?
  19. I don't think the husky would protect my bike but the border collie might have something to say to any intruder - particularly if they look like a milkman.

    Someone stole a Kawasaki ZX6R from in front of my office block where I park my bike in Canberra the other day. If it was during office hours it would be a bit scary as there are tonnes of people walking past all the time