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Motorcycle storage for a few months in Sydney

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by hansrd_98, Jun 18, 2011.

  1. Im going away overseas for a few months on work. Any recommendations for motorcycle storages providers that youve dealt with? It'd be great if they are able to start up the engine and maybe even ride it around every fortnight or so..Might put my car into storage as well (not worth much if I sell it, but is a nice car and dont want to have to buy another when I come back).

    Thanks in advance.

    BTW Im in Sydney, North Shore.
  2. a uni student without a car or a bike would probably pay you to start it every morning and blow away the cobwebs :)......although you might end up with a car thats gone around the country :)
  3. I'm a bit far away south of Wollongong, but I've got a huge garage.....
  4. I've got space for it - I'm in Glenorie (think Dural - Hills District).

    If you wanna leave it here, I'm on 11 acres, with a chain across the driveway at all times when we're out, and I can ensure it's kept undercover at all times apart from when giving it a quick run, if you want me to ride it.

    PM me if you wanna know more. :)
  5. and as for the car, we have space for it, but it probably wouldn't be undercover, but we can shove some tarp over it to keep the rain off it.
  6. Just go to any of the self storage companies.
    You're sure to find one within your budget.
    They'll have a self contained shed just big enough too hold both your bike and car.

    Place the bike in first and park your car behind it.
    Make sure to disconnect your battery (at the negative terminal).

    You'll have no trouble starting it when you return, even after a couple of months,
    it should kick over much the same as it does at the moment.
    No need to turn the bike over in your absence.

    I go overseas for a couple of months every year.
    Doing the above I've never had trouble starting any of my bikes or cars.

    If you are really concerned you can either;
    get a minor service before you leave,
    or buy a brand new battery on your return.
  7. fuel stabiliser (super cheap seel one) and a trickle charger (if your storage has power) might be worthwhile.
  8. I work at a self storage facility in Galston. Pm me if you're interested.
  9. my bike is also being stored back home for a possible 3-6 months whilst in NZ for work
    but easy with me mate whos able to start it up once a fortnight.

    would it be good to actually ride around the block every now and then or just starting it is good enough?
    Fuel stabiliser... im assuming to keep the fuel from contaminating/aging if not started ?
  10. Thanks for the offer hornet & lowercase. I'm blown away by your generosity given that Im a total stranger to you :) However, I might be off for 6-9 months (maybe upto a year), so wouldn't want to inconvenience you for that long.

    Is it recommended to drain the coolant and engine oil as well? Will they harden up if left idle for months?

    Thanks twistngo for the tip on fuel stabilizer and trickle charger.

    btw davidp1984, pm sent..
  11. I left mine in the garage for 6 months while I was OS. Just had it on a trickle charger.
    Started first time when I got back. Did get it serviced just before I left so it had clean oil in it. Neither the oil nor the coolant went off.
    Mechanic advised me to over inflate the tyres before I left and I did that too. Stands would be better. I also put some old carpet under it as apparently constant contact with concrete is not good for tyres. (might be a myth but I did it anyway). Was told premium petrol goes off faster than normal unleaded.
  12. absolutely do not drain the coolant or the oil.
    you should consider doing exactly the opposite.
    best is to keep your fluid levels high.

    you're fuel tank should be as high as possible.
    if there is an air gap, condensation will cause rust.
    imho, don't worry about the fuel additives.
    after you get back just run the tank down to a quarter full,
    then fill it to the top again with good quality fuel.

    make sure you have a coolant with a rust inhibitor.
    and make sure the level its kept at it's highest.
    you would get more rust in the cooling system if you drained it.

    trickle chargers with a battery maintenance feature are available,
    however most self storage sheds don't have power.
    even if you got one, the additional cost would exceed the price of a replacement battery.

    this last tip has a slight risk associated with it,
    and only if you are seriously concerned.
    engines that are put in storage for a long time are filled to the top with oil.
    however when you return you must remember to drain the oil and then fill it back to the normal level.

    this last tip is overkill for a vehicle that is being stored for only a year.

    just think of all the new cars that are shipped from japan or europe.
    they spend weeks/months being shipped,
    then they spend anything up to a year in a dealership yard before they have a sale on last years model.
    they hardly take any of these precautions.

    that tip regarding the tyres is a really good one.
    you want to avoid deformation of your tyres that will lead to hardening and cracking.
    i normally put my bike on it's centre stand.
    i will also consider the carpet idea, or a wooden plank next time.