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Motorcycle show & shine - Victorian road race championship round 4 support event

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by stace, Jul 4, 2011.

  1. We're ending the Victorian Road Racing series with a bang (and a taste of exciting things to come next season)

    Motorcycle show & shine will be the support event for the Victorian Road Racing Championship round 4 on Sunday the 18th of September 2011.

    * $20 to enter per motorcycle
    * $10 additional Sunday only special ticket price (when pre-paid with entries, Tickets at the gate are $20)
    * Children under 16 free general admission
    * 10 judging categories
    * Judging by various motorcycle rider & owner groups of Victoria
    * Free Preston MCC sausage sizzle
    * Show & shine entrants receive a free gift/sample bag
    * Entrants names to be included in the Victorian road race championship program

    Overall winner will receive the first annual Ray Reardon tribute trophy.

    Show & shine setup/sign in begins from 7am, judging finishing at 2pm & with trophy presentations from 3pm.

    Motorcycles entering range from Modern streetbikes, custom motorcycles to classic & vintage motorcycles, sidecars & trikes.

    For more information, please visit the Preston MCC forum: http://prestonmcc.com.au/index.php?topic=1073.0

    Motorcycling/motorsport related companies/businesses sponsoring road racing if you would like to add your business details/flyers/cards/magnets/samples
    to our entrants gift-sample bags, Please contact Stacey, Vic championship support events co-ordinator : Email stacebarnes@hotmail.com or Phone 0427-464-860

    If you're not racing, shine up your bike and enjoy a great weekend of Victorian motorcycling !

  2. hi. who will be judging the show?
    is there a set format for the judge/s? or will it just be awarded on personal taste/like of the winner/s?
  3. Hi there Blur1,

    Judges will be announced closer to the event. once we've received the final representatives names from M.A, motorcycle dealerships & motorcycling clubs that are attending.

    There will also be a crowd favourite award which everyone attends has the opportunity to vote for.

    Categories are: Vintage, Modern, Japanese, British, American, European, Classic, Harley, Sidecar/trike, custom, Overall winner/favourite

    We also have many prizes just for walking through the gates (lucky door prizes) and also a free gift bag for each show & shine entrant and a free BBQ. We've tried to make the event fantastic value for money.

    Motorcycling Australia are attending with their historic motorcycle museum collection which usually is only displayed at MotoGP. We some some photo's of M.A's collection on the Preston club forum.

    I've attached a prizes update below, but many prizes I'm still confirming with quite a few manufacturers so I'll update another prize list in a few weeks.


    Prizes update, A HUGE Thank you to all the wonderful businesses that have supported our event & Victorian motorcycling !

    Entry draw prizes - Just enter the gates to go into the draw:

    A set of mototrack Tyre warmers
    Mototrack Accessories

    $300 voucher
    Stay Upright rider training (learner to advanced techniques) at the Broadford circuit
    Learner Permit Testing to Advanced Road and Off Road Training

    2 x Broadford track day passes
    Broadford motorcycling complex

    1 x Race school track day
    Preston Motorcycle Club

    6 x Tyre pressure gauges
    Vons Trackside Tyre Service

    Show & shine entrants gift bags:

    Cycle torgue magainzes
    Vonstrackside tyres
    Motorcycle Race Gear
    Tech Spec
    Brighton Kawasaki
    Original Finish Spray Painting
    Stay upright motorcycle tuition

    Show & Shine prizes:

    Motul products packs
    Martech cleaners prize packs
    Rim stickers prize pack
    Motorcycle Race Gear prize pack
    Elf racing fuel & products prize pack
    Brighton Kawasaki prize pack
    Screens for bikes screen pack
    Preston MCC membership/merchandise pack

    Racing prizes:

    4+ x sets of Pirelli tyres

    With almost 4 weeks to go, many more prizes & exciting updates to come !!!
  4. it sounds like it's going to be well organised.
    i'll be attending for sure.
    here's hoping the weather holds out.

    p.s, i assume the entrants get to see racing during the day (sunday) too?
    and are the show bikes undercover or in the elements?
  5. This will be an excellent opp to show off the VMAX 1700 with all of its carbon fibre and many mods, did well last year at a few Show and Shines, hoping its a winner again this year :)

    Cheers B

    PS Was thinking of adding the MV to the Show and Shine but that is only a thought at this point in time (its had a face lift and a few carbon mods) .............I'm talking myself into it LOL
  6. is anyone coming? i'll be there.

    thats a pretty big drawcard to have haha.
  7. Well i'll be there too, hopefully watching Steve Tozer claim back his superbike vic champs title !!

    Yes where the show & shine area is, is next to the track viewing area, so we'll see all the racing on Sunday.

    We're allowing entries on the Sunday morning also.

    I've taken on board feedback i've received from entrants experiences with other promoters show & shine events, so we have a checklist printed out for our judges must mark for each bike, we're asking the judges to thoroughly look over every bike to ensure judging is accurate & fair.

    The Ulysses club geelong & macedon ranges, Yamaha & virago club of Vic, CBX Honda club of Australia, classic & custom japanese motorcycle club of vic, vintage motorcycle club of Vic are attending to display their club bikes & help judge a few categories..

    Shaping up to be an exciting day !!
  8. what's the best time to turn up if you're just a spectator? And just to confirm, it's $20 right?? (I'm talking about Sunday only)
  9. yeah should be $20.

    sunday start will be 9am for warm ups then racing starting near 10am i spose. will have a lunch break around 12.30 ish depending on the amount of crashing.
  10. judging by your updated last crash date it could be a early lunch?
  11. its a motard, you just pick it up and get back all the spots you lost haha!

    but srs, i plan to keep it upright this weekend.

    ps. that was an offroad crash so it doesnt count :p
  12. this Supermoto is all new to me. It looks fkn mental and a tonne of fun....well to watch anyway!
  13. See those of you who will be at Broadford tomoz in the morn :)
  14. looked to be a good turnout. i was looking forward to the day until my bike blew up on the warm up lap of my 1st race of the day.
  15. I didn't end up getting on the bike at all today :( Really wanted to get along to this too. How did Bruce go with the bike show?
  16. The VMAX got best Modern bike :)
    A very happy B pictured

    And blur1's BLUR1 got 3 prizes including crowd fav

    Attached Files:

  17. Congrats B. Wish I could've been there.
  18. Damn, Bruce!!! That's AWESOME!!
  19. Since VMAX's sign said that he'd spent $50,000 on the beats...he deserved it!!

    (I was very polite and didn't enter my K16 against all those Honda 6 cylinders. I didn't want to upset them ;) )
  20. What a great day !

    The vmax was a great bike, the judges thought it looked sleek & futuristic so it won the modern bike class, some motul products, rim stickers & a broadford track day prize (don't take the vmax to that one though) lol