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Motorcycle Shops in Melbourne

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Julian, Nov 23, 2004.

  1. Hey all

    This weekend I'll be in Melbourne and a colleague here was telling me about a motorcycle store strip on one of the city's main roads (cant remember which one it is though)

    I'll be keen to come back to Sydney with some stuff (boots in particular) under the assumption that Melbourne is better for shopping, etc... Anyway, I'm really excited to get down there and check some places out. If anyone has any advice or recommendations, please share!

    Another thing I cant really understand is why the bike scene in Melbourne is so strong compared to up here. Those tram track grooves don't look all that bike friendly.
  2. The shops you are thinking of are in Elizabeth street.

    The bike scene is probably reasonably strong due to L's being easier to obtain and the coffee being so much better than Sydney
  3. Yep, Elizabeth street is where you're thinking of in the city. There's also a mini-strip in Ringwood (35min east of city) with 4 or 5 bike shops nearby including Bikemart who really look after Netriders :)

    If you're particularly looking for boots, check out Medal Shoes in Gertrude St, Fitzroy (10-15 min walk from the Elizabeth St strip).
  4. yep, as well as the coffee
    our roads in the CBD are better (than Synneys goat tracks)
    we have footpath parking ( a NO-NO in Synney)
    and we are down here..... :p
  5. Appreciate the tips people.

    Look forward to a macchiato while I'm there too.

    If I get the chance, i'll check out Ringwood too :)
  6. Theres a small collective (3 shops and one wrecker in about 300 metres of each other) of bike shop in Heidelberg along Bell Street as well. Redwing Honda (78 Bell Street) while not an offically listed partner will do the 10% discount deal as well.
  7. shops

    elizabath st, :shock: is the haven for us riders in melbourne,the weather is looking good too for a change so u will c many riders out and about. :p

    i tried rideing a bike in sydney however the one way roads didnt suit me mate.

    i hope u will be flying ''VIRGINBLUE'' :p
  8. Ray Quinces has a lot of price competitive gear in Elizabeth St and Ringwood.
  9. I haven't heard of this shoe shop before, please tell us more, what type/brand of boots etc??
  10. Ray Quinces is a bike shop along Elizabeth st that also sells bike gear.

    It's a bike shop that I avoid due to the customer service I received in there when looking for a bike 3 years ago.
  11. ray quinces did me a good deal on rossi boots, other than that i haven't had anything to do with them.

    there's a place that didn't seem to bad, can't remember the name. if you head up elizabeth st, take the second left at the roundabout and then its on the next left corner i think.
  12. Action Motorcycles in North Melbourne?
  13. absolutely no idea, not too good with names or directions or remembering things
  14. The one on Flemington Road. It's a pretty big store on a corner. I think it would be it, from your directions.

    They're a pretty good mob to deal with. There's a chick there in the spare parts & accessories department that rides an R1 - impressive. They'll give you discounts too if you haggle or are a regular customer.
  15. that'd be it, i got a bucket load of gear for a pretty decent discount (well my gf did anyway, she did all the haggling)
  16. Definately pay Mars Leathers a visit - they were fantastic with me - can't recommend them highly enough.

    Even the bike-hating other half adores them.
  17. I will indeed.

    And it'll be the first time flying since I was 12.
  18. Where in Melb are you staying? we can probably arrange to get you into coffee night!
  19. I'm at the Hotel Enterprize near the Casino.

    I'll be there from the 26th to the 29th.

    Hope the weathers nice down there. It's been really morbid up here. Would hate to bring it down with me ;)
  20. The weather is perfect today. Like every other day.