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Motorcycle Servicing recommendations

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by hansrd_98, Feb 4, 2008.

  1. Hi guys,
    Any recommendations for a honest and non-ripoff service shop in Sydney (preferably in the north shore or anywhere easily accessible by train). I'm new to Sydney and kinda new to biking as well and am looking at getting my R6 serviced, with fluids topped up etc. Also need to have a jumping-out-of-gear-under-acceleration problem looked at (hence the honest, non-ripoff part :).
    Have a great day

  2. Pro-pilot was just giving you a piece of his mind.
  3. I like motorcycle weaponry in monavale. Much better experiences with them than with action, freedom or close motorcycles.
  4. just don't go to action Parramatta.
  5. Hey, The best place for service, price and a good yarn is hands down TJ's.... I take my bike there and they always look after you :) just ask for Tex or Jen

    TJ Automotive & Motorcycle Performance
    U1/ 49 Sterling Rd Minchinbury NSW 2770
    ph: (02) 9675 5888
  6. Northside???? how North????

    Cannot speak highly enough of Motorcyle Weaponary at Mona Vale..................about 30 min ride from the bridge.
  7. sometimes its worth going a little out of your way for a better service and piece of mind. I'm on the north shore and I'm happy to travel west. :)
  8. thanks

    Thanks for the suggestions folks. I took it down to Motorcycle Weaponry last week and am quite satisfied with the service..a bit pricey (arnd $400 for a general checkup + service, not incl Valve adjustments), but the work is good.

    BTW whats TJ's? Where is it?
  9. oops..just saw TJ's address in the post..my bad :)
  10. T.J.'s new address is 1/8 Grex ave Minchinbury, phone numbers are the same, ( 0296755888) Cycle Torque advertises T.J's details.

    Tex & Bundy