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motorcycle service/repairs in the west

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by voyager, Oct 6, 2004.

  1. Anyone recommend a decent place for service/tunes/repairs/mods/etc in the west ? Preferably around the Werribee area (including Hoppers Crossing, Altona and Laverton) ?

  2. Werribee Motorcycles (KTM dealer)

    I sent one of the guys from here to them and he came back a happy man.

    Old Geelong Road, opposite Bunnings.
  3. Vic,

    Do they sell consumables (Eg., lube, oil, etc)??

  4. Deer without eyes.
  5. Try Simon at Sunshine Motorcycle Works 9312 4085. Works from home but really knows his shit, forever busy though so you might have to try book a time.
  6. I'm giving TeamOne Suzuki a go in Hoppers this week to hopefully fix a rattle in the enging on deacceleration (probably a cam chain tensioner) and a couple of other service items, I'll post a positive note if they were OK and let them know privately if they were not.
  7. I can recommend Race Replica on old geelong rd, Braybrook. The new owners are keen to impress so have an eye to promoting service. I recently had the 9R serviced there - no complaints.